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Why You Should Date a Vietnamese girl?

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We continue to study the beauty of the representatives of the Mongoloid peoples. Ratings of the most beautiful Chinese women, Japanese women, Korean women have already been published. Next in line are the beauties of the Vietnam women.

At the first meeting, asking how old you are and how much you earn is the norm for a polite Vietnamese conversation. The thing is that the people of Vietnam sincerely believe that such questions enliven the conversation and show a sincere interest in your person.

As in many Asian countries, Vietnamese women find white skin extremely attractive. That is why, with the advent of sunny days, they hide from them in all available ways. On top of clothes, they usually put on an apron skirt, long gloves, masks, sweatshirts with long sleeves, even if there is unbearable heat on the street. And masks perform another important function: they protect against dust when traveling on a motorcycle.

Vietnam Women Traits and Characteristics

When you first meet the locals, it may seem to you that you hear the same surname. And this is not deception – about 40% of the population of Vietnam carry the surname Nguyễn, and 11% have the surname Trần.

Vietnamese are one of the largest peoples of the world. Now in the world, there are more than 77 million Vietnamese. Unlike the Mongols or Kalmyks, Vietnamian women are not classical Mongoloids. Along with other peoples of Indochina and Southeast Asia, the Vietnamese have an obvious admixture of the australoid race (the Japanese and Chinese also have such an admixture but to a lesser extent).
Vietnam mail order brides can be ranked among the most beautiful women in Asia. If we compare the woman from Vietnam, for example, with the Japanese, then the Vietnamese, as a rule, are taller and also have more feminine forms, which are emphasized by the national women’s Vietnamese costume – aozai. It cannot be bought in a store and it is not manufactured industrially. Each dress is sewn on a figure of women in Vietnam. At the slightest change, it is necessary to sew a new one, it cannot be adjusted. Now in these dresses, senior students, students, office workers of many companies, and service personnel in the travel industry go. Girls at the reception, for example.

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The four greatest philosophies and religions shaped the spiritual life of the Vietnamese people: Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and Christianity. For centuries, Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism have been intertwined with Chinese folk beliefs, ancient Vietnamese animistic views, resulting in the formation of what is called Tam Jao (or “Triple Religion”). There is a misconception that the religious national culture of Vietnam is predominantly inherent in Buddhism, but this is not so. The cult of ancestors flourishes in the country, which is also characteristic of India, Japan, Korea, and China. The main feature of this belief is the veneration of deceased family members who continue to support the living and listen to their prayers. Therefore, the main place in the house of most Vietnamese is the altar of their ancestors.

Vietnamese cuisine is extremely diverse – they say that there are about 500 different traditional dishes that include exotic meats (but you should think twice before trying rare animal meat) and delicious vegetarian items (often intended to replace meat and fish dishes). Although the basis of Vietnamese cuisine is plain white rice, abundantly seasoned with vegetables, fish (which is very popular in Vietnam), meat, spices, and sauce. Buns, pasta, and boiled rice dumplings are very popular, as are all kinds of soups, including eel soup, noodles with minced chicken, and bitter soup. There are a lot of different original fruits: dragon fruit, jazhabe, khaki, longan, pomelo, three-pitted cherry, and water apple. Vietnamese coffee is very tasty; it is usually cooked very strong and very sweet.

How to Meet Single Vietnamese ladies?

Now many couples get to know each other on the Internet. Chats, social networks, online games, and forums. A worldwide network allows you to find friends and like-minded people in various parts of the world. For many guys, this is a great opportunity to meet a girl in conditions of total lack of time – not everyone has the opportunity, in addition to work and study, to lead an active lifestyle, go to the gym or pool, hang out in clubs or cafes.

It is impossible to say for sure whether an Internet acquaintance will be successful, but according to sociologists, one-third of married couples who have married in recent decades have met through the Internet. Of these, about 45% found each other through specialized dating sites, another 21% through social networks, and 34% met through blogs and forums, online games, and other resources. And these numbers look encouraging. But how to get to know Vietnam women for marriage through the Internet in order to win the sympathy of girls and establish a relationship?

How to Choose a Reliable Vietnam Dating Site?

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How to meet beautiful Vietnamese women through dating sites? There are not even dozens – hundreds of dating platform sites. Some of them are very popular, almost a couple of hundred people are sitting on others. Just promoted sites are more promising for a successful acquaintance – a lot of users hang out on them, and the female audience, respectively, is large. Keep in mind that Vietnamese girls who want to meet on the Internet are always looking for information about their online Vietnamese friends. Reasonable, by the way a precaution.

Therefore, do not spam your profile on all possible and impossible dating sites – it is better to register only on one, a maximum of several of the most popular sites. So you will increase your chances of a successful Vietnamese girl search, and will not look in the eyes of those who are interested in you seriously, a frivolous hang.

Please note: If you place your profile on several sites, be sure to make sure that all the information on your pages is identical. Even a small inaccuracy made by mistake can scare the girl away. We tell you the main rules of how to get to know Vietnamese girls.

When registering on a dating site, be sure to post a photo. Often, users, in order to hide their appearance for fear of being recognized by someone they know, fill in “masked” photos, for example, in large sunglasses or from a perspective from which the face is not very visible. Remember that the complete absence of photos on the profile page is almost a zero opportunity to meet someone.

Only show your photos. Retouching and processing are acceptable, but in a minimal, very adequate amount. If you really want to meet a girl for any kind of relationship, rather than wasting time on futile dates, then do not be afraid, and do not be shy to publish real photos in your profile. So you can avoid awkward dates with Vietnam girls who were expecting to see a completely different person at the meeting. Well, if real photos are published in your profile, then those girls who like your appearance will initially be acquainted and chat with you.
Provide more information about yourself. It may seem to you that few people are interested in your religion, favorite dish, or attitude to alcohol, but the answers to all these questions will help your interlocutor better understand you.

Additionally, write a brief about yourself. No need to use hackneyed phrases, verses, pathos quotes, and profound speeches of the greats of this world. Be yourself, write about what you really like, what you are fond of, what music you listen to. This will also help Vietnamese women to understand if you have common topics for conversation at a meeting. This will help you avoid a lot of boring dates.

Vietnam Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

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Rules on a first date with a Vietnamese woman:

  1. Define clearly where you are going. Time, place, and day (when, where, and what time), and please do not be late.
  2. Confirm your date at least one day in advance. If you meet on Friday and agreed on a date on Monday, then do not wait until Friday, write to the girl on Wednesday, Thursday, confirm at least 1 day in advance. Because if you didn’t say where you were going, time, you simply informed us, let’s meet on Friday, then all week she doesn’t know at all, forgot about her or didn’t forget, this Friday or next Friday the girl will begin to take you lightly. Therefore, be sure to confirm your date, at least 1 day before the meeting.
  3. Compliments! When you come on your first date, be sure to compliment your companion, who has come to meet you. A compliment is like a green signal for a Vietnamese woman, if you praise, admire, she understands what you like, and when you like her, the girl will be able to relax, start to smile, and begin to behave more naturally, and then you can learn a lot more about her, see what she really is.
  4. Do not be greedy. If you invited a Vietnamese woman for a cocktail, offer some appetizer, if you invited her for dinner, offer to take dessert if you invited her for coffee, then even in the coffee shop you can find something tasty, something can even be small, but pleasant, chocolate bar, candy, bun. She may say no, it is quite possible that she will refuse, but what you offered, what you didn’t greed, is a huge plus and she will be very happy and satisfied. Make her happy, impress her with a little gesture, offer a little more than what she expects.
  5. Forget about your phone! Set it aside, it should not be on the table in front of you, from the side, left, right, it’s better to turn it off or put it in airplane mode, the phone should not vibrate and distract you, and even if you want to show it some photos, do it on the second date, do not focus on your phone, she came on a date with you, not with your phone. If this is the first date, then she wants to talk with you, she is interested in talking, but you still have time to show all the photos from your last trip, you will still have many different dates, on the first date, remove your phone. In coffee
  6. Do not talk only about yourself. It’s generally cool if a man asks questions from a girl and listens to what she says. Ask what her favorite movie is, what she did last year, where she wants to go, where she was, what she likes to do in her free time, what she does, what her hobbies are, and listen. If you listen, firstly you will learn more about her and secondly, you will have a topic that you can discuss later, after a date (by phone, text message), you will roughly understand what to talk about on the second date, where to go and in general, you will just spend a very cool time when you will communicate when it will be a dialogue, not a monologue.
  7. Do not ask and pay half, as well as pay in part, leave a tip. You invited – you are a man, the one who invited him and pays if you are not ready to spend any large sums on her or a lot of money call her in a simpler place. If you are still not sure whether you like it or not, then invite her for a cup of coffee, do not call her in sushi, and in an expensive restaurant.
  8. Invite her on a second date! When your first date comes to the middle or end, and you understand that you want to see her again, then invite her to a second date. Immediately say where you want to invite, when and at what time!


Keep in touch! If you met, for example, on Saturday and agreed that for some reason you cannot see each other for a week, then during this week write to her, call, show the Vietnamese woman that she is significant, interesting to you. Send a message one day, call a second day, send some cool photos on day 3. If you listened to her, then you will already have the impression and you will know that she loves, likes, that gives her pleasure, so you during the week you can find topics for conversation.