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Why You Should Date a Puerto Rican girl?

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Puerto Rica is a paradise inhabited by angels and those angels are girls. Puerto Rican women couldn’t leave indifferent even the most boring and snobbish men. They will bring you only joy and happiness as women of Puerto Rica are the cheeriest women in the world. They will surround your home and life with beauty as they are in the top-10 rating of the most gorgeous girls in the world. Moreover, Puerto Rican models win Miss World’s completion more often than anyone else. Do you need more reasons to register on Puerto Rican dating site and find a Puerto Rican wife? Okay, then read on!

Beauty that is never out of fashion

Look at them! That plump lips, beckoning figure, and long dark flying in the wind, foxy outfits and deep brown eyes looking right in your soul! It’s hard not to want them! They will make you hot and bothered in a glance with their sporty figure and perked up mood. This beauty wouldn’t fade away with years! Their snazzy bodies have no “end date”. Such a rare…

Exceptional family values

Puerto Rican people are extremely family-oriented. Such devotion came out of their economical state. It is well known that Borinquen (another name of Puerto Rico) isn’t the richest country. So, family is valuable more than anything here. No cars, yachts or million dollars villas wouldn’t win these ladies’ hearts. Be a kind, generous and loving man to be the best husband for your Puerto Rican wife! Furthermore, the majority of the population is religious people. So, nuclear family, eternal love till the dearth apart, traditional family ideals are the main Puerto Rican pillars of the society.


In the USA roles in family are a big issue. Nearly in every home, there are constant fights on this topic. Men and women are trying to establish their rules to reach the leading position. There wouldn’t be such arguments with Puerto Rican women. Fighting is just not their style. They know what they want, but they create such an atmosphere that you wouldn’t even notice how your home became the safest and the happiest place in the whole universe. These girls know exactly what a real man needs!

Puerto Rican Women Traits and Characteristics

There are no better friends than “la Familia”

One of the differences between American and Puerto Rican girls is lying in their attitude towards their families. American girls are always extremely independent. Beginning from high school they do not bother to call their parents or to warn about their late parties. The majority of them can’t wa

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it to move out and go to college. Well, things are extremely opposite to Puerto Rican girls. They live with their families until they get married. More than that, party here means that relatives all over the town will come to your house and you will have dinner, sing your favorite songs and dance all night long. They live in a big community from their birth. And you shouldn’t change your girls. Let her stay connected with her family as being away from them is already a strain. One more thing, you will be a part of these loud parties. So, don’t worry and take care of your girl!

Loyalty as their main feature

Raised in such a family atmosphere Puerto Rian women just couldn’t be different. They belong to the men. A not bad sense that they do whatever they are told. Of course not! A little bit later about their temper. They belong to a man in the sense that they will never betray. Puerto Rican women know what family means and will be with you. Surely, there are no ideal marriages and always there is a possibility to fall in love with someone else. That’s human nature. However, Puerto Rican women are honest and they won’t cheat on you or heart you.

A hard-working man is wanted

So, logical question – Why are Puerto Rican girls looking for foreigners being that good? Question is simple – Puerto Rican men are a disaster. In their majority they too lazy and apathetic. They can humbly lay on the couch and dream about better living complaining about their too hard physical jobs. Well, the decision of American man – find a way, the decision of Puerto Rican man – grumble. What kind of girl will like it? None. So, grab your fate in your hands and find a bighearted, striking, and spicy Puerto Rican woman to relish and love her till the end. Though, you should be worthwhile, of course. All women need a strong shoulder. Even if they are independent. Those just haven’t found a worthy man!

Personal chef

Used to order Indian food for dinner? Forget about that! Puerto Rican brides are better than any French chef. Their dishes are better than all juicy fast-food in NY together. If once you’ve tried cold avocado soup or pumpkin biscuit, if your woman cooked a shrimp kebab for you, you’ll never return to junk food. What’s more, they like cooking. It’s not like in many American families when a woman cooks because she was told to. No, Puerto Rican women do everything for love!

Everything becomes emotional

Being South dwellers women of Puerto Rico express their thoughts with bright gestures and expressions. They always speak loud and like to laugh. Life is short there is no time to be shy – their motto. So, if you’re a humble chap that doesn’t really like to interact with people or you’re a convinced introvert Puerto Rican women could frighten you. Nevertheless, if you’re longing for positive changes in your life register on a dating site and find a Puerto Rican mail order bride.

Perfect mothers

Are you looking for a mother of your future children? Yes, you’ve made the correct choice! Puerto Rican girls were born for marriage and kids. More children, more happiness – another Borinquens’ motto. They know how to raise kids in a friendly atmosphere. In poor Puerto Rican families, there is no fight between siblings because there is so big love that no one will be left miserable!

How to Meet Single Puerto Rican ladies?

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First of all, do not demonstrate your high rank. Puerto Rico isn’t the wealthiest country, so they don’t like riches and, more than that, it could be dangerous. It would be fair to say that it is a criminal region, that’s why you should be extremely attentive here. Flip-flops are also unwelcome. You will look more like a tourist than a future husband.

Secondly, don’t be a hero when no one asks. Men in Puerto Rico could whistle on your girl. That’s not the same thing as in the USA. It’s quite a normal sign of appreciation.

What’s more, be open-minded as people here may have different views on LGBT, policy, and religion compared to yours. Do not bring this topic up on the first date.

Tell your mail order bride your outlooks before the meeting. If you are not family-oriented and you are looking for one hot night experience, just tell this to your girl beforehand. It’s less offensive than telling goodbye and never call back!

Guns are spread all over Puerto Rica. Shooting on the street is a more or less common thing. Do not panic, take your girl and as quickly as possible get out of the street.

How to Choose a Reliable Puerto Rican Dating Site?

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To choose a reliable Puerto Rican dating site pay attention to:

  • Rating and reviews. There are too many dating platforms today. Don’t stop on the first you’ve found. Checkup reviews on multiple sources. The rating also shouldn’t be lower than 4,0.
  • User bonuses and facilities. Some sites have a high rating but a small audience due to its specification. That’s why they could be more like communities than dating apps. They have meetings, clubs, streams and so on. Some sites even own special “toy” shops, which is cool. Also, several facilities will help you to find your love. For example, the most useful would be a built-in translator. Not all Puerto Rican girls speak English. More than that, it’s convenient when dating sites and apps have everything is needed for mailing. Because it’s not the best idea to give your Inst or Facebook for a stranger.
  • Security. Don’t believe websites that show you girls’ photos and information before registration. Especially if the service isn’t free. All your personal information, including your credit card, maybe unprotected. Generally, an in-depth registration form is a good sign because only truly motivated men and women will come to the end.
  • Type of site. There are about 2000 dating sites in the world. And all of them have their distinctive features. Some dating platforms use auto-matching to find a partner, some use detailed personality questionnaires other sites use various filters to find a match. Moreover, you can choose between paid and free services on the site and use sources with age restrictions.  
  • Amount of followers. It is important because you need to have a good choice. More girls more fun!

Puerto Rican Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

It’s not too easy to date Puerto Rican girl. So, to be savvy checkup several essential tips below!

Father is a leader

You may be a king of Universe, but if there is no sparkle between you and your Puerto Rican bride’s dad hardly anything can work out. Generally, fathers in Puerto Rica aren’t as gentle and friendly as in the USA. And that not only with their sons-in-law. Believe that girls are surrounded with love and care, but hanging around their dad’s neck is not their style. So, these tough guys should be impressed with your personality. Do not expect that they would on cloud nine due to your existence!

Religion is an essential part of life

Today, the modern world religion isn’t that important for young people. Girls in the USA, for example, rarely go to church. Surely, that affects the life and American girls aren’t that modest anymore. Everything is different about Puerto Rican women. Firstly, more than 30% of women are faithful Catholics. Surely, nearly all of them wouldn’t be virgins on the moment of our first date, but other things like marriage, devotion, and honesty are still precious.

Watch your style

Neat clothes, fresh breath, and pretty appearance is a universal tip for all lovers. Puerto Rican women are not hillbillies. They want to see a grown-up man near them. Take to the consideration, that there is no need in a fake gold watch or rent Ferrari. Be honest. If you have no money that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve love.

No restrictions

Maybe you already have some creeds about your woman’s future and you are against her further education. First of all, it is not okay. Puerto Rican girls won’t stand that. They were born free and wild. Secondly, mind that phrase like “my woman must be 24/7 at home and cook kebabs for me” offensive and stupid. You will be left with your dreams about home-cooked kebabs. Be tolerant and pliant. You’re talking to girl after all.

Pay a bill

It is simple etiquette. You are a man and Puerto Rican women are not too feministic, so be a gentleman not only while mailing!

Not for sale

Even if you are rich as a king don’t try to “buy” Puerto Rican girl. She may be from a hard-up family, though it doesn’t mean that she has no pride. Show off is a bad trait. Be modest and let her love you for your personality.    


All women of Puerto Rico are waiting for you to find them and date them. They are beautiful, energetic and loving girls! Plus now you are aware of all their secrets! What are you waiting for?