Ultimate Guide to LGBT Dating Sites

LGBT Dating Sites Audience

Love has no boundaries. That is why today dating sites could meet the needs of every person in the world. And definitely, the LGBT community is not an exception. More than that, according to pewresearch.org lesbians, gays and bisexual use dating websites twice as many!

Well, sometimes, especially for newbies it could be a little bit nerve-racking. Have you ever jumped with hang glider? Standing on the edge, gazing into infinite space and finally making a first step towards the unknown new pleasant experience. That is the exact description of these activities. And what is interesting both of them are equally exciting!

LGBT Dating Sites could serve different aims. People look hear for a one-night affair, soul mates, friends, and even long-term relationships. There are lots of special lgbt dating websites. However such portals as Tinder and Match, though not specialized, have such an option.

Lesbians and gays are the most frequent guest on lgbt dating sites, but you can also meet here bicurious men and women who are just investigating. So, be yourself and do not be scared! And all the possible insights about lgbt dating sites you’ll find in the article below.

How do LGBT dating sites work?


Registration at many LGBT dating sites could seem like a long process. Though, it takes up to 10 minutes. Here you need to tell about your hobbies, preferences, personality, and lifestyle. The biggest part of dating sites has option of signing in with Facebook.

Today ID uploading is a wide practice among dating portals as there are lots of “spying” cases. So, to make lgbt dating websites safer place this demand was inserted into the privacy protocols of many sites.

Verifying e-mail address couldn’t be confusing as it is a common point while registration in any social network.

After that little bit boring procedure of registration, the world of online dating is opened for you. Well, not fully of course. The thing is that nearly every lgbt dating site today has a paid or as it often called a premium feature. The functions given with it differ from source to source, though lots of sites allow you only to send messages. You can’t read the reply without subscription as well as texting.

The partner choosing process doesn’t fully rely on matching. You can try basic or advanced searching, keyword searching and searching based on user’s popularity.

The age of those who use lgbt sites isn’t dramatically fluctuating. As always, users over 18 are appreciated. LGBT dating is more popular among people up to 40 years old.

Pros and cons of LGBT dating sites

LGBT dating websites have the following advantages:

  1. Intimate atmosphere

LGBT sites are considered to be a niche site in sense that the community is pretty closed. That means that for example, lesbian sites don’t welcome men. Simply such giants as Tinder have fewer lgbt users registered as a whole.

  1. Freedom

Here you can express yourself your sexuality freely without limitations.

  1. Mates of interest

According to a survey, lesbians are more likely to highlight their lifestyle and interests which helps to find a partner that will be found not only of her appearance. Gay dating sights have a similar peculiarity. And more than that global dating sites have a small percent of man on man “hunt”.

  1. Positive approach

Statistics say that lgbt dating sites users are more positive. They have more cheerful and natural photos than other dating sites users.

  1. No rules

There are rules everywhere for sure, but the amount of restrictions is significantly smaller on lgbt site.

  1. More initial information

Sex is extremely important! For example, you’ll rarely meet bedroom roles written on the general online dating site.

The cons of lgbt dating sites are the following:


  1. Straight in disguise

It is a pretty common thing when rather adventurous straight men and women register on lgbt dating resources to get in touch with the opposite sex.

  1. One, two, threeway

Some couples join both lesbian and gay dating sites to find the third member of their team. So, it’s better to check everything beforehand.

  1. Just for fun

Some people don’t state their intentions enough at once and that may hurt in the future. Lots of young girls and boys sometimes want just to feel something new and confuse those who are looking for serious relationships.

As you can see there are much more optimistic about lgbt websites as it may seem! So, do not hesitate and start your love journey right now (after reading this article till the end of course)!

How to find a Reliable LGBT Dating Website?

  • Learn statistics (The ratings of lgbt dating sites aren’t useless. The audience survey, age range, locations – that information will help you to find perfect dating website for you);
  • Pay attention to security (Though giving ID code while registering on dating sites could seem odd, it an important precaution measure. Generally, the longer registration is the more motivated people with better intentions are on the site);
  • Premium account issues (Just look through possible partners and maybe send an introducing message – that’s probably everything you can with a free account on the majority of lgbt dating sites. So, the subscription is recommended. Prices vary between 4-10$ per month);
  • Matches or community (Having a smaller audience than non-special dating sites, lgbt dating websites often develop a kind of community, that could have closed events, meetings, stream services, and even sex shops).

The most popular trusted and developed lgbt dating sites are Grindr, Adam4Adam, Her, PinkCupid.com, TestReview, OneScene, Moovz, and AllMale. There are many others of course, and normally such sources as Tinder and Match are also popular among lgbt community. So, don’t stop on the one site – explore!

LGBT Online Dating Tips


  • Do not delay the first date (Face to face meeting is essentially important. Especially, if you’re planning to hook up it would be wise to have a coffee break date first, to find out whether your partner was fair with you about his/her appearance, gender, and goals);
  • Do not tell everything (If you’re not interested in a long-term relationship to be yourself, tell about your preferences and desires, though keep personal information secure, as dating sites may contain frauds who will capitalize on this);
  • Chatting forever is boring (Month of chatting before the first date is too long, isn’t it? Just be sure that you want to get acquainted closer with this person and go ahead!);
  • Safe your pictures (Sexy, pretty, passionate, funny, vogue – pictures on your profile may be distinctive, but they should not reveal personal information and address. Moreover, be attentive with naked photos, cheaters can take advantage of them);
  • Tell about your goal at once (Don’t manipulate your partner! If you want just sex – tell about this right away, because it is more ill-mannered to play romance in the chat and never write again after a rendezvous).


Remember, that the road of life doesn’t go only straight. It’s quite twisty! So, do not afraid to explore all of its turns. Be curious and brave, love and make new friends. And what is important, don’t be shy to do that online!


Checkup the most frequent queries below.

Should I pay for the premium?

That depends. Some lgbt dating websites simply don’t give texting opportunity without a premium subscription. So, the answer is no, if you’re just a humble spotter.

How Can I Avoid LGBT Scam?

Don’t give your personal information, send naked photos to your new “friend” or post them. Don’t give ID code and insurance numbers to strangers. And always ask for pre-date (lunch or just coffee to be sure that person is the one you were texting with) if you’re planning a hookup.

What Does LGBTQ Stand For?

LGBTQ – lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning. So basically “Q” extends the community. There’re lots of variants possible. For instance, you can come across LGBTU (“U” – unsure); LGBTI (“I” – intersexual) and many other variants.

Are LGBT Dating Sites Safe?

Yes, however, you should be attentive and register only on reliable sites!