Lesbian Dating Sites Better Than Your Magic Wand!

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There are free providers in the world of dating portals for homosexuals, but there are also providers that deliver on several basic functions for free so that they only charge for the full spectrum of any given site. This can be an advantage if you are unsure which are the right lesbian dating sites for you. We explain which options you can usually use and how it works in general. Please consider taking a look at our FAQ department!

Lesbian Dating Sites Audience


What applies to heterosexual people applies even more to homosexuals: Making a lesbian date come true is very difficult. In everyday life, gays and lesbians rarely meet people with the same mindset as theirs. It does not always have to be a firm partnership. Typically, a plain lesbian dating would do.

Even so, those looking for a short erotic adventure rely on finding like-minded people. Thanks to technical advances, lonely hearts no longer have to suffer from pain. Apps and single exchanges promise a lot. In this short yet handy overview, we are going talk things “lesbian dating site”, give you some lesbian dating tips and – when the good Lord looks away! – we help lesbian find a partner for life.

How do Lesbian dating sites work?

You ask yourself “Am I a lesbian?” You are attracted to other women? Is it just a whim? Maybe you already had one or the other erotic fantasy of another woman. You may even have kissed a girl. Now you are still unsure whether you could be lesbian? What matters is that you feel comfortable with this thought.

Then lesbin dating sites are there for you. Register now and get in touch with other users.

As already mentioned, the partner exchange in its basic form can be used with a free basic membership. After registering, you create a profile, answer some questions, upload your pics and receive partner suggestions. This shows the extent to which you and your future partner fit together in terms of your thoughts, wishes, and ideas. Communication with other members via chat is completely free of charge.

When registered you are free to take out a paid premium membership to use some advanced functions the lesbin dating sites have in store for you. In addition to matching and chat, the portal has a forum as well as an advertisement section. Here you will find a group for each area of interest.

Learn how it is also possible by the means of your cellular, iPhone or Android included.

Pros and cons of Lesbian dating sites

While some Lesbian dating sites help with serious partner searches, others focused more on flirting and fun. Regardless of whether the user is looking for a long term partnership, an affair or an informal one-night entertainment, the big advantage of the lesbian dating websites is that they approach these target groups differently. Which in turn helps everyone individually with the targeted search. The advantages of a lesbian date site are as follows:

  • Automatic matching and partner suggestions
  • Large selection of potentially suitable partners in the area
  • Filter functions for active search
  • Anonymity through online contact with a pseudonym

How to find a Reliable Lesbian Dating Website?

A lesbian get-together allows you to get in touch with women in a variety of ways. You can exchange views on a wide range of topics with other lesbians through our forum. You can use the search to browse for profiles or view personal ads. Dating sites for lesbians – a real lesbian get-together!

Lesbian Online Dating Tips


Lesbian dating websites remain the classic when it comes to flirting online. They are usually free of charge and offer various filters to help you find interesting women. This usually includes age and place of residence, but also various visual factors or certain interests.

Dating agencies, on the other hand, generally charge a fee for their service. This usually consists of calculating potential flirt suggestions. In doing so, similarities and differences between the members are determined based on various information and questionnaires. Your search then only works within this selection. Security and a high level are very important here.

It is different from casual dating sites like venus7. Through these portals, many lesbians are looking for someone for a casual meeting or an affair. But couples also look here for women with whom they can loosen up their sex life. Providers for such erotic adventures are more anonymous and discreet, sexual preferences are the main focus of the profile. Revealing photos or videos can often be uploaded.


Before you register with a provider, you should carefully consider what intentions you are pursuing with a registration. Do you just want to get know other lesbians and see what develops from them or do you have the fixed goal of getting to know your dream partner?

Dating agencies are best suited to the search for great love. The chances of success are usually higher here than with single exchanges because there are also lots of fakes hanging around there. For a serious search, you can, therefore, invest with a clear conscience in calculating the right woman and possible great love. This also saves you the laborious and mostly lengthy search among thousands of users.

At most single exchanges, the atmosphere and the interaction are rather relaxed. You get to know each other easily, chat or meet sometimes. This can lead to friendships or even more: everything can be done, the possibilities are unlimited.

It is different from erotic sites. This is not about finding love or new friends, but living out your sexual fantasies and, accordingly, it is highly likely that you will meet privately.


Online dating has always had a special meaning for the gay and lesbian scene. Long before portals for heterosexual singles boomed, various queer communities emerged on the Internet. Such a flirt exchange can be a good opportunity for young lesbians to overcome initial uncertainties and to get closer to others.

The platforms convince with a large number of active lesbian members. The principle is based on the submission of partner suggestions based on previously entered preferences and personality traits. The operators advertise with TÜV-certified safety, the highest level of seriousness and great popularity. Anyone who is seriously looking for a partner for life is in good hands with eDarling and Parship.


Should I pay for the premium?

The premium account includes a variety of new functions that make it possible for you to make your membership in our community even more extensive and beautiful.

All in all: A premium account contains additional functions in myWomen, extended extras for receiving messages, more photos, direct messages and much more. You can get an overview of the functions under the menu item “Premium” and in your admin area under “Premium account”.

What are the best Lesbian dating sites?

Although the number of lesbian dating sites is rather manageable, our test winner has a steadily growing number of members, of which a large number of users are regularly online.

Although the portals for lesbian still belong to the niche providers in online dating, the offer is now more diverse than a few years ago. So today there are not only single exchanges for lesbians but also dating agencies or casual dating websites. The market is growing and more and more women are registering with the special providers to make new contacts or to find their dream partner.

How Can I Avoid Lesbian Dating Scam?

Online dating makes it easy to meet new people and potential partners. On single exchanges, you can get in touch with countless girls in your area that you would never have met in real life, and you can access exciting functions and communication tools to test their compatibility.

Dating platforms also attract fraudsters that take advantage of anonymity online to create fake profiles and reach potential victims. Some of them fabricate elaborate lies to convince singles to lend them money, others are out for personal information to commit identity theft.

Are Lesbian Dating Sites Safe?

Online dating security is one of the most important aspects for singles looking for the right thing on a dating site. And reading this here probably means that you too are thinking about it too.

Regardless of whether you are new to single exchanges and apps or you already have multiple accounts, you should know that the best online dating sites take security very seriously. That’s why all of our reviews include a security section and we keep security in mind when we rate the top dating sites on the market.

Is It Worth Paying for Lesbian Dating Sites?

The operation of the Lesbian Dating Sites website, unfortunately, devours a large amount every month due to the great interest and activity there. The more people access our website, the more we have to pay for traffic fees. Also, there are its servers, which cause additional monthly fees.

We tried to compensate for these inconsistencies through advertising, sponsorship and direct marketing, but unfortunately, the results were rather modest.

But since Lesbian Dating Sites has continued to grow, we had to see how we can stay afloat at all. We have considered different options. The following remained: A basic fee for all or today’s premium account.

We chose the latter because we didn’t want to exclude the socially disadvantaged from Lesbian Dating Sites. Likewise, younger people certainly have the problem of justifying themselves to their parents for amounts appearing anywhere. In short, we didn’t want to exclude anyone.

We see that we made a good decision and the criticism is limited. But again and again, there are allegations that we introduced a two-class society and that there are better or more equal people now.

We always try to refute this. Even if the premium or deluxe users receive additional features through their payment, all other members of Lesbian Dating Sites also benefit from it. Because without the payment of these members, we would not be able to maintain the normal functions that are accessible to every woman, because the system would simply collapse due to the high load. Then there would be no Lesbian Dating Sites anymore.