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Why You Should Date a Korean girl?

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Korean republic wives, actresses, models, and singers delight the audience with their beauty, mystery, and femininity. Their heroines are distinguished by their sensitivity, emotionality, and deep affection for their beloved. Although feelings are manifested very restrained, sometimes they are expressed only by looking with beautiful eyes, a beautiful smile, this is enough to understand their depth. It’s no secret that Korean girls are different from European ones, but it’s Korean women who are famous for their oriental beauty. Female beauty in this country is the road to the life of every girl. It is difficult for the ugly to advance in work and in personal life. That is why millions of Korean women struggle every day with their appearance to make it even more attractive.

What is the difference between girls in North and South Korea

North and South Korea were once one country, and there is one person living here, but the difference between the inhabitants of the two countries is enormous. The inhabitants of the DPRK and the Republic of Korea have completely different views on life and goals, which is why such a strong difference is connected. In accordance with the results of various polls, one out of five Koreans underwent plastic surgery, and moreover, in Korea, this is not considered something supernatural or shameful. But the most unusual is that plastic surgery is a very common graduation gift from school, which parents make to their children.

Ideally, women want to look the same: a small nose, a V-shaped chin, and large eyes. And one of the latest trends in plastic is the creation of a smile: the corners of the lips artificially lift, which creates the illusion of a smile.

According to the survey, 25% of Korean women have experience in the intimate services sector: prostitution, escort services, and girls for communication in bars and karaoke. Smoking Korean is a rarity. South Korea has very high fines for smoking in public places, an average of $ 100. But as soon as you get to the center of night parties, it turns out that a smoking Korean woman is not such a phenomenon.

North Korean women like high heels and classic clothes. On the chest is usually an icon depicting one of the leaders of the state. And on holidays, women put on bright traditional costumes. The women of North Korea are independent and strong. They rely only on themselves. They have not been waiting for help from the state and their men for a long time.

Korean Women Traits and Characteristics

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Appearance problems. Usually, there are no couples when a young man is shorter than a girl. Koreans have a common ideality of the opposite sex: for men, a beautiful girl should not be thicker than herself, and for women, a young man is taller than he is. Yes, appearance is very important. They have too many people on small earth and people are always close to each other and pay attention to who is dressed and what figure and so on. Maybe that’s why people and appearances are so often paid attention to.

Who will pay for lunch?

The couple is trying to pay in half in Korea. If a man paid in a restaurant, then a woman pays in a cafe after lunch/dinner or vice versa, therefore, it turns out almost the same. But in the first meeting, men usually pay more. Koreans often think that if they don’t pay on their first date, then this person is mean.

In Korea, often spend group dates 3:3 or 5:5. Such a meeting is called a rally. This method is popular with students at universities. Korean universities have lounges for students. Therefore, it happens that the organizers of such meetings come to such rooms and ask those who wish. Usually like this: Come on 3 people from the faculty of business and 3 girls from the faculty of science.

They usually meet at the bar and play alcohol games and are friends with each other, but often it all ends after one such date because there is not enough time to get to know the person well. Usually, if someone likes someone, he asks for a phone number so that they can meet together next time. People older usually have a date like 1: 1. Because they are already tired of all sorts of alcohol games and want a more serious meeting and conversation. The meeting organizer is usually familiar with the man and woman. It is often decided whether they will meet further after three meetings.

How to Meet Single Korean ladies?

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Just a few years ago, we had no idea about such exotic as the Internet. Now half the population, meaning, of course, young, just lives in a virtual world, and online dating has become an everyday thing.

Public opinion has never been unanimous in anything. And about Internet dating, the opinions are completely opposite. Some literally hang on dating sites and do not imagine a better pastime for themselves. Others, on the contrary, consider it so humiliating for themselves that even once they visit such a site it is tantamount for them to sign a verdict of their full complexity.

The human personality is always limited by some unnecessary conventions: a fashion that you can’t keep up with, defined by someone unknown in this particular place, and at this time social status. But for a person, his inner freedom, his natural state, and what he really is are always important. And it is on the Internet that a person can be what he is.

More than half of visitors to sites of this kind are Korean women. Although it would seem strange how many beauties are around, dressed as supermodels, beautifully combed, painted. Yes, from the guys during the day, there’s probably no. So no, running home from work – and at the computer, getting to know someone virtually.

The explanation is simple. Korean ladies, by their nature, are more inclined to flirt, they are attracted to someone else’s interest in themselves, just trying on different roles every day: either you are a fatal woman or an inexperienced simpleton. In real life, there is simply no time to do this.

How to Choose a Reliable Korean Dating Site?

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To find a Korean dating site that suits you, give yourself the answer to the question of what you need from a relationship. Depending on the answer, you can choose one or several categories of dating sites on which you will register and get to know different Korean republic girls.

The main mistakes made by men on the Internet

Men are not less often, and even more often than Korean brides, make mistakes when making an online acquaintance. On the net, sometimes they write such that in ordinary life they will never even come to mind.

It is not necessary for the first letters to list all the physical parameters that you would like to see you chosen one. Typically, women have low self-esteem of their figures and a similar list can scare away even the owner of the parameters of the supermodel, i.e. you should not immediately ask about the weight of a Korean girl, you can find out about this later.

If a man wants to please a woman he needs to write more about his qualities, and not about his favorite activities. The fact is that a woman who is concerned about serious dating wants to find a soul mate, and not a friend watching football or going to night clubs. At the same time, you don’t need to speak vaguely, it’s better to immediately list your best qualities and advantages because if you don’t write about it, it means that this is simply not the default for a woman.

You should not scold your ex-girlfriends. An intelligent woman will immediately conclude that you may soon be releasing such comments to her. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you do not need to immediately mention sex. Women who hope to continue a long-term relationship are usually afraid to start relationships with men who need only sex.

Korean Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

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You should not be annoying and bombard a woman with messages if she does not immediately answer you. If there is no answer for a long time, then she did not like you. It is better to switch to another female person and not waste your and her time.

No need to ask how many men she is texting or dating at the same time. You will usually not get a true answer anyway. At the first virtual contact, you don’t need to hide your main goal of visiting a dating site. If you are looking for a woman for an easy pastime, then it is better to write so. There are also thrill-seekers who will answer you. In this case, do not waste time on women seeking a serious relationship.

Be observant, getting to know a Korean woman, try to find out more about him as much as possible:

  1. Attention to the pictures posted in her profile. If at all the photo is in the company of good friends during the party period, and you like just such entertainments – then go for it! If you’re absolutely not a club guy, slow down. Even if you find a very attractive Korean woman, take a look who exactly surrounds him in the photo. In case you do not have such photos, most likely you do not have so much in common. In one of the photos she is with her sister, and in the other, she is fond of diving or is she watching a football match? If you are impressed by the sporting rhythm of life and family values ​​are important to you, perhaps something may come out of you.
  2. Avoid virtual hangers. If the representative of the stronger sex in the first message addresses you “baby”, “sweet” or “baby”, this is alarming, because in the first place it is a sign of poor education. It is very possible that she writes such letters to everyone in a row, hoping that at least someone gets hooked. Such a Korean woman does not need a serious relationship, be sure. Or, for example, she immediately writes that she is very wealthy and indicates the level of her own income. There is also something erroneous and alarming, since under no circumstances will you know what plans such people can pursue.
  3. Find out about it as much as possible. Remember the preparation for the exams – you constantly read the textbook. Before meeting with a virtual Korean girl, in reality, try to get as much information as possible about her. Even if she looks like an innocent lamb, in reality, she might turn out to be a real psychopath. Try to “punch” it in the search engines. It is very likely that she has a blog on some of the online services. There may be more photos and information. Naturally, one should not find out everything, henceforth, to the one in which school he studied or what he ate the day before for dinner. however, before a date, it’s useful to clarify the main points.
  4. You should have the same sense of humor. We all want to find a Korean woman who is caring, smart, and certainly with a great sense of humor. This property is often referred to in virtual dating website profiles. There are, of course, people on earth who find it hard to understand any kind of humor, but most of us still like to laugh. However, the fact that one seems ridiculous may prove completely absurd for the other. We cannot amuse everyone and not many manage to make us laugh, however, if you say something funny and she likes it and she laughs, it is very likely that she is the one you need.


In a chat with Korean girls, a man should avoid standard letters and templates. In such cases, the Korean mail order bride simply feels false. In this case, one should not immediately correspond with many women. Such greed will not lead to anything good. Quality usually suffers from quantity. You simply cannot communicate at the proper level with each of your virtual acquaintances. It’s better to concentrate on the Korean republic women you like best.