Acquaintance with Japanese Women

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Is there a more intriguing place in the whole universe than Japan? The answer is negative. Its culture is unique and may seem strange. Tourists are always amazed by bizarre staff that is everywhere in Japan. However, one of the most unusual and unknown things in this wonderful country is Japanese women’s souls. Well, if you are found of miniature beauties with magnetic eyes you ought to read this article! Below you’ll find the most recent information about women of Japan.

Why You Should Date a Japanese girl?

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Today the majority of men are looking forward to date and marry foreign girls. It may be said with assurance that Japanese ladies are perfect for marriage as well as dating a foreign man. Why? Well, there are several reasons.

Natural shyness

Despite the significant changes in Japan regarding women that took place in the 20th century, this did not change their character much. They are still shy and modest. All decisions are always made with their loving man or under his strict guidance.

Career isn’t a life goal

Everyone knows that Japanese work a lot. It is considered normal to stay until late at night or work without holidays and on weekends. A Japanese company is not just an office. This is a kind of family. Moreover, this family should become closer than the wife/husband, children, and parents. Women cannot afford this. Even if they are still single and don’t have children to do homework with, they have parents who need their attention. Therefore, women are hired as assistants. They are not asked to stay longer than they should, also they are not obliged to work on weekends. There is no career growth either because there are men who give priority to the company. So you will be very lucky with your Japanese wife, who won’t ask you to sit with children after a hard-working day.

Japanese women were made for marriage

When there is no serious work, then a woman can devote herself to marriage. Marrying a Japanese girl equals life in paradise as local women do entire housework without men’s aid! Girls are brought up with an idea that in the future they must do everything at home. EVERYTHING. A traditional Japanese man won’t wash even a plate. Whether a wife works or not prepared dinner should wait on the table, the apartment should be clean, and in the morning man demands tasty breakfast and prepared lunchbox in advance. Well, it would be wrong to say that the atmosphere of totalitarianism still prevails in all Japanese families, but no global changes have occurred.

Japanese Women Traits and Characteristics

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Supportive Japanese wives

As was said earlier attention of Japanese ladies is mainly centered on their men and children. Dating also takes the majority of a woman’s time and effort. This applies not only to household chores. Japanese girls will always support men in all matters, from business to hobbies. You, as a man, should understand that such devotion and support also requires something in return. Even if a woman is not going to build her career, she is simply happy with any job, your task also is to care for her.

Strong-minded Japanese girls

Imagining a Japanese house, the first thing that comes to mind is hygiene. You can observe such accuracy and meticulousness among Japanese women in nearly every aspect of their life. However the house shouldn’t just be clean, it should always be comfortable. Each thing stands on its place, food is cooked on the stove and it smells nice in the house – this is a description of the home created by a Japanese woman. If you don’t want children – no problems. Japanese women, in principle, do not make men responsible for children. You can go to work, play football or fire a slug somewhere in the pub and at this time your Japanese wife will make your home a perfect and cozy place for life. Generally speaking, Japanese women know what they want. Typically, Japanese mail order brides can find husbands on dating sites because of their fortitude.

Independent Japanese brides

The definition of independence for Japanese girls has a slightly different meaning than for Americans. Japanese girls, unlike Americans, need men’s support, but this doesn’t mean that they will ask about it. The Japanese bride will never insist on buying her any property, including a car or apartment. She would rather earn herself and buy than ask for anything. So, you need to be very careful about Japanese beauties, they may be too independent.

Beautiful Japanese women

Of course, you perfectly imagine what a Japanese girl looks like (otherwise you would not read this article), which means that you know how beautiful they are. They impress with their sensual eyes and beautiful flawless faces. They are obsessed with personal care, so you are unlikely to see a Japanese woman who looks bad (or without cosmetics at least). They always monitor their weight. In Japan, there is no concept of gorging. They eat to live. So, fat Japanese women are extremely rare. Although Japanese girls are different, for example, to Latin beauties, they are also exciting in their way! You’ll never forget their tempting and petite bodies.

Smart Japanese ladies

There are a lot of stereotypes about Japanese women. Often you can hear such a myth – Japanese women are stupid and uneducated. This is nonsense! In fact, in Japan, girls receive an excellent education. And some ladies even have a few diplomas! If a girl does not choose a career instead of a family, the success is guaranteed.

How to Meet Single Japanese ladies?

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The first thought that may come to your mind – tourism. Japan is perfect for this type of activity, but don’t hurry to grab a ticket on a plane. Dating tourism isn’t the best idea. Surely you can come to this fascinating country to get to know something new about this mad world. Nevertheless, traveling here to find a Japanese wife won’t work at all. They are too shy to get acquainted with the streets. Especially they won’t believe that a wealthy foreigner will stay after a love night. More than that, it is so irresponsible to come to an unknown country and try to find the love of your life!

On the one hand, you could use horoscopes as much as you like. You can also pick on strangers on the street (rarely works). On the other hand, you can act like in the 21st century and register on a dating site! How to find the most reliable one you’ll find out in a moment.

How to Choose a Reliable Japanese Dating Site?

Amount of dating sites today is growing rapidly. According to different statistics, there are about 3 000 online dating services in the world. Are there frauds? Of course! That is why it is essential to follow several simple rules while looking for a Japanese dating site.

  1. Checkup reviews from real people and don’t believe bloggers’ suggestions. Don’t you know they make paid ads?
  2. Always read terms if you want to keep your personal information safe.
  3. Don’t give too personal information online. This applies not only to the questionnaire but also to the registration form.
  4. Don’t send your mail order bride naked photos. No matter how great passion, it’s always better to feel the charm of your partner alive.
  5. Do not neglect video calls. Look over whether your Japanese bride being a bride at all… Don’t believe sites without this function much.
  6. There is a free trial on every reliable site. Otherwise, a dating platform was created by frauds who don’t want a thing except for your money.

Japanese Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

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Well, dating or marriage with a Japanese lady is a challenging though amazing thing. To have a happy family you need to follow several essential rules.

Do not push

Quiet, timid, beautiful creatures. These qualities certainly describe local women. Dating Japanese woman is a blessing, but before this moment comes, you need to work hard. Do not expect she will agree to everything you’ll offer. For Western men, it may seem that Japanese girls are too slow and unemotional in relationships. That’s wrong. Their external frostiness is just a special mentality that you need to get used to.

Japanese wife rules the family budget

Well, despite perfect education if a Japanese woman has a family and children she leaves her job. Marital status doesn’t allow them to be fully submitted to the business. Employers don’t like ladies with families as well. However, inside a nuclear family, a woman is a full-fledged controller: domestic, parenting, and all finances will be in her hands. And even if woman works, all the same, housework responsibilities are her list. Family budget being a vital part of family life is also under the wife’s management. Even even though in most cases the only man works and provides money for his family. Moreover, sometimes the husband doesn’t know the exact amount of his salary, because it is immediately transferred to his wife’s bank account. Then he simply receives pocket money from her. Surely American men won’t be able to live in such a way. But, if you desire to have a family with a Japanese girl you need to find a compromise. Don’t think, though that you’ll spend your money without control!

Women only

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As in any other country in Japan foreigner will feel out of sorts. Well, Japan is probably a little more complicated. When you arrive at your Japanese mail order bride, don’t overreact if you’ll travel to different cars or pay more in a restaurant. The thing is that in Japan there are places where women are praised with certain bonuses. Lately, cars for women appeared in the Japanese subway. Such wagons are located at the end of the train, and men are strictly forbidden to enter it. Metro personnel are also required to monitor passengers and prevent the presence of males in the female carriage. Of course, exceptions are made for children and men with disabilities. There are cafes and even libraries for women only. There are also significant differences in the payment for goods and services. For example, medical services and some goods for men are more expensive. Besides, in many public institutions, there are lady’s days when big discounts for women are provided. So, you have to respect women’s standing in Japanese society and be modest.

Girls smart, but men are smarter

Girls in Japan cannot be smarter, stronger, or faster than guys. Even if they are they will show delicacy in relationship with men. What is more, girls should not talk loudly, shout, communicate arrogantly or impolite, and somehow show their leadership position. It is considered to be a humiliation to attract man’s attention. Japanese women can’t just invite a man she likes to a cafe, hug or kiss. So, don’t wait for the first move. Be polite but very persistent!

Don’t make her blush

Japanese women have surrounded by prejudices all their life. Imagine only, that it is considered shameful if someone realizes why the Japanese lady goes to the restroom. Making any sounds here is completely unacceptable. In this case, there were created special toilets with a built-in radio that plays nature sounds so that nothing is heard. Remember that there is one more taboo topic – periods. This issue is so private for girls in Japan that they won’t dare to tell you about it. You shouldn’t ask them about such intimate things as well!


Well, Japan isn’t that far away as it seemed, right? So, don’t hesitate and use your fresh knowledge to find a pretty Japanese girl. They are cheerful, loyal, and supportive. They’ll be wonderful girlfriends, unforgettable lovers, and the best wives and moms. Japanese women are family-oriented. Maybe you too… The old English proverb says: proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, harry up to find your Japanese bride!