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Why You Should Date a Jamaican Girl?

First, when we speak Jamaican women, it is not tantamount to black women. Jamaica is a country of different people. Jamaican women love bright clothes (men, by the way, too). But this does not mean that they always wear only bright things.

Jamaican women are feminists. But such, special, special feminists. When the question is about going to a party, then: “Darling, I went to a party and just dare to blather something against.” And when it comes to money, girls do that. If a guy invites me to a club and pays only for himself, I just stand at the entrance and look at him like an idiot. If he wants it so much, let him go and look for an independent woman. And I’m addicted.

Jamaican women are fashionable. It doesn’t matter whether they are rich or poor. No matter how much they earn. The main article of the descent of money – clothes. Jewelry. Usually, jewelry. The larger the better. Shoes. There may be a hundred. Jamaican women love themselves very much.

Jamaican women are not complex about their weight. No, of course, when they get together in a company, they start discussing ways to lose weight, measure up who has a bigger stomach and so on. And then they go home, put on the shortest dress that they can find, dye it, make a hairstyle and go to a club party. They come to the club, buy a bottle of beer and wait. Sooner or later, some guy will come up and ask what to treat. Then you can order a dozen cocktails. Do not drink everything – do not care, still a freebie. And then she says that she’s tired, she’s taken home and the girl goes to bed.

Jamaican women can cook. Everyone and everyone. But they do not like it. And if they found a man, then for this he is needed – let him cook. A woman will work. This is more interesting than the kitchen. And, of course, Jamaican women are different. Kind, lovely, loving to cook, wash and clean up for a husband, building a career, narcissists who believe that “the kitchen is not for queens”, independent, relying on men, loud, scandalous, quiet and gentle. Various.

Jamaican Women Traits and Characteristics

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How do we imagine the girls of Jamaica? Languid mulattos. A languid look from beneath fluffy eyelashes. Languid laziness in the movements of a dangerous predatory cat. Something like that, huh? But it is not so. Rather, it is not always the case. But still, not only the languid mulattos are the distant island. The mixture of races, bloods, and cultures sometimes gives rise to diamonds of incredible beauty.

They say that they think, do what they want, and absolutely do not think about the consequences. They can tell in your eyes that you are well. By the way, this is a compliment. They can say that she has lost weight – and this is bad, it is urgent to start eating more. The Jamaican saleswoman in the store will absolutely calmly say: “This dress doesn’t suit you, you have small breasts.” And it would not even enter her head that this could offend. Why? She told the truth! Jamaicans have virtually no such concepts as “ashamed” and “shy.”

A Jamaican woman is not at all embarrassed by her size (unless she is thin). She will put on short shorts, which a few years ago I personally would never have worn, a tight shirt and a bunch of sparkling jewelry. And it will be a beauty!

Jamaican women are very well-groomed: always a neat hairstyle, manicure, and a carefully selected wardrobe. Jamaican style, of course. For example, bright blue pants, a yellow T-shirt, pink shoes and a green handbag. Every Jamaican woman is convinced that she is the best and most beautiful. Yes, every woman in Jamaica is respected simply because she is a woman. They will open the door to her, give way, give a hand and carry heavy bags. It’s amazing!

They always smile, greet everyone and are good to any person, even a newcomer, even if he speaks English poorly. One can talk endlessly about the Jamaicans and their way of life.

How to Meet Single Jamaican ladies?

With the advent of various social networks, blogs, forums, and chats, it becomes easier to make new friends. But you can not only limit yourself to an acquaintance but find true love, though for this you do not have to rush into the pool of virtual acquaintances with your head and believe every word of every Jamaican woman you communicate with on the Internet.

Of course, it is unlikely that billionaires will sit on the Internet and dream of meeting you, but among the virtual space, you can meet a huge number of worthy Jamaican females who are alone due to lack of time or excessive modesty. On the vast expanses of the Internet space, there is much more range of opportunities for marrying a Jamaican woman! So let’s figure out how to find love on the Internet! Here are some very important tips, which will help you find beautiful Jamaican women without leaving your computer monitor? You need to register on a Jamaican dating site!

How to Choose a Reliable Jamaican Dating Site?

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Look for a dating site that suits you thanks to ratings that contain all the information you need about the sites. And also ratings describe the functionality of the site and user reviews. Look for acquaintances on forums and communities of interest, since now there are a lot of them for every taste because it is always more interesting to communicate with a person with whom you share common interests!

Have you met on the Internet? If so, then you probably know that very often a meeting in real life turns into a complete disappointment, because often a person is very far from an attractive image created on the network. In order to understand how not to be disappointed, getting acquainted in the online mode, you first need to understand why this happens. You start communication with this or that Jamaican person. Of course, you will not do this if his profile on the site or on the social network does not interest you.

The first place in the list of broken illusions is occupied by the appearance of a Jamaican wives or acquaintance. On the Internet, you can find many beautiful photos of women in jamaica, and you can safely upload them to your photo albums or avatar. If it’s not about celebrity photos, you can catch almost everyone on the hook. So it so happens that instead of the stunning pumped-up tanned macho, you end up with a chubby bald programmer in his forties. And instead of a figured blonde with big eyes – an extremely groomed and boring person. Or a girl of about fifteen.

However, if appearance and age may not become an obstacle to further communication, then interests and outlooks on life are quite. Almost every person strives to look better in the eyes of others (especially in the eyes of the opposite sex) than he really is. The Internet, where you can’t see the facial expressions of the interlocutor, where there is always time before thinking, replying to the message, it is easier to do than anywhere else.

Jamaican Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

You must be able to communicate with Jamaican ladies correctly. When talking, there should not be ridiculous pauses, stupid questions, and empty topics. Jamaican brides love ears, remember this phrase. When meeting with a girl Jamaican, you need to clearly know what to talk about with her so that the conversation is effective.

Experience with beautiful Jamaican girls shows that you can communicate with them on almost any topic. The most important thing is to pay attention to how you communicate information. If the presentation of information is tedious, and without any positive emotions, then the conversation will be worthless.

How to communicate with beautiful Jamaican ladies

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On the first dating a Jamaican woman, you should not start a conversation about religion, work, politics or study. This will make your communication boring and uninteresting. Also, you can not raise exclusively male topics. This is football, beer, etc. It is necessary to make the girl feel on the same wavelength with you, to be heard and understood. Talk to her about your summer vacation, about your immediate plans, about hobbies, dreams. After such a conversation, the Jamaican girl will feel that you are really interested in her person. As for the questions that you can ask a girl on a first date, then everything is easy. Try to ask questions such that the Jamaican girl cannot answer them yes or no.

When a man gets lost and does not know how to start a conversation, the question-answer method works here. But do not get carried away, do not turn your date into a survey. You can argue with the Jamaican girl’s heart by arguing with her but remember – the most important thing here is not to win the argument but to make the conversation more lively and interesting. Tell interesting and funny stories from your life, praise yourself, but do not praise, otherwise, it will look like cheap show-offs. Everything should be easy and unobtrusive. Change topics for conversation.

It’s boring to talk on one topic endlessly, so you need to switch from one topic to another. Use the word “by the way” for a smooth transition. If a Jamaican girl started asking you questions, this is a good sign. She became interested in you as a person. At this time, you need to have time to find a topic that is close to the two of you, if it works out, then it’s in the hat.

The Jamaican mail order brides notice everything, and if you nervously begin to look for a topic for conversation, and at the same time you will look at it with a bewildered look, you will involuntarily cause only a feeling of pity. The girl herself will tell you a topic close to her, it is important to just catch it and be able to maintain a conversation. If we talk about dating on social networks, it is worth noting that you can not drag out communication there much, then it will be more difficult to meet in real life.

You can increase the effectiveness of each new Jamaican women dating only by using a simple rule. This is your personal experience in acquiring new acquaintances – practice. A rule obliging you to deliberately expand the circle of your contacts in order to make new acquaintances and gain personal experience in conducting light, interesting, entertaining, and productive conversations with a complete stranger.

You can re-read hundreds of books and revise the entire educational video, attend trainings and seminars on the topic of dating, but your personal communication and dating Jamaican girl experience will not increase much from this. Only the process itself can affect the quality of all subsequent new acquaintances with single Jamaican women. And gradually, with the acquisition of a new communication experience, you will cease to feel the excitement and fear of failure, learn to control and manage this process, increase your own confidence and, thanks to new acquaintances, significantly expand the opportunities for self-realization and your success.


Using these simple tips, you can easily win over a Jamaican girl and win her heart. As in life, ease of communication, mutual trust, and common interests are very important on the Internet. Therefore, it is best to get acquainted not in special groups, but in some thematic ones. So you will already be guaranteed to have common ground. Of course, you need to always be on the alert – some deceivers are very skilled in this matter. However, what if you do not try and thus miss the happiness of your whole life?