Haitian Women -Why Are They The Best Brides?

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Love is always about something unique, unexpected, intriguing and a little bit wild. Love with Haitian ladies is extra in all senses. So, let’s find out why Haitian women are so desired? Read this article to find out whether you’ll be able to cope with such a bride.

Why You Should Date a Haitian girl?

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Always in a good mood

Of course, such things are extremely individual. Each girl has a character. Moreover, they are all with a twinkle and will not keep their opinions to themselves for long. But believe, you won’t find more cheerful creatures all over the world. Haitian women have gone through a lot – poverty, terrible earthquake of 2010 and even a wave of rape. But all these troubles did not prevent them from maintaining an amazing sense of humor and beauty. They know how wonderful life is and how to be happy without brands, expensive cars and beauty salons.

Always natural

Now, enlarged lips are not considered plastic surgery. Girls increase eyelashes to look “natural.” You are probably tired of kissing girls in everything artificial, brought to the ideal? Then you will like to date a Haitian woman. They can’t afford all those procedures and what is more essential they value their inborn genuine beauty. And that’s different feelings!

Traditional attitude

Some people call Haitian brides overly passive in terms of marriage, however, that’s a completely wrong notion. They are traditional. They aren’t oriented on the layers’ career or president post. They just want to live, look after children, cook fabulous dinners and support their husbands. A normal nuclear family is their cherished desire.

You will be a king

In the USA men are a little bit exhausted from feminism and overmuch confident girls. There is nothing wrong with it. This phenomenon, on the contrary, makes women too independent or even too good for simple men. More than that sometimes it turns out that men are enemies. Just because they are men. Well, such things are unfamiliar to the Haitian beauties. If you’re a simple good guy with a gentle temper and loving attitude – you’ve already won attention. And now it depends only on you whether you will win the heart of a beautiful Haitian woman or not.

Haitian Women Traits and Characteristics

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From old times girls here are used to work on plantations. They have strength, love to work and inborn sharpness. They will help you to lead your business or to work in a garden if you want. There is no hard work for such assiduous women. Haitian women generally work significantly more than women in other countries. The percentage of working women in Haiti is considered one of the highest in developing countries.

A nuclear family is a dream

The economic situation in Haiti is far from stable. People are getting married often not for feeling but an economic advantage. Among poor families, a specific local form of relationship is extremely popular. Men and women live together in the form of marriage. They agree on the conditions for using finances, on their affiliation and the number of contributions to a common household, as well as on the division of work and other nuances married life. Neither government nor church recognized this unit as a legal marriage. That’s why Haitian women are looking for a long-standing relationship based on true love.


Despite the numerous horror stories circulated in mass media about Haitians customs and habits, they are quite balanced and friendly people. Many of them simply do not care about the differences between local dwellers and foreigners. They are very tolerant of many religions and nationalities. For Haitian women, their position in the local hierarchy is much more important than your nationality or faith.


As it was mentioned Haitian people weren’t born with silver spoons in their mouths. However, it didn’t prevent women from having a weakness for bright clothing! Single Haitian ladies like to doll up for Sunday church services or various social events. In everyday life, as a rule, they dress down in clothes of the most extraordinary design. Shorts of cropped trousers along with slippers are more like a uniform. Though more exquisite women of Haiti prefer flowery pattern dresses with numerous flounces and ruffles, as if coming from Mark Twain’s novels.

Dancing queens

Haitian brides are fond of music and dancing. The most popular social event is public gatherings where people dance and sing for their pleasure. Haitians also often use music and singing as an aid in hard work, especially during the joint work of family or community members on some common cause. Often, during such work, designated members of the community beat the drums, maintaining the rhythm of the music, while the rest of the participants work and sing. Often, at the end of work, a true dance and music performance spread out. Such parties end only at midnight.

How to Meet Single Haitian ladies?

Like any other ladies Haitian women like neat men with beautiful clothes and serious intentions. Of course, some girls are not that family-oriented at once and you shouldn’t be pushy with them.

Remember that you should be patient considering that Haitian women like to chat. Even if you don’t they would love to tell you their story.

Do not mention their financial situation. The majority of Haitian dwellers are much poorer than in the USA. So, don’t talk about the girl’s financial standing right after the meeting.

Don’t tell much about your money either. Especially, if you’re well-heeled. In their majority, Haitian brides are perfect and aren’t gold hunters, but you can have bad luck. So, just stay humble. Let her love you for your heart and temper!

Single ladies in Haiti are not the ones you’ve dated in the US. They won’t pay for themselves. So, taking her out don’t wait for “share a bill” offer. Just respect Haitian dating customs.

How to Choose a Reliable Haitian Dating Site?

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Finding a trustworthy Haitian dating site don’t forget about the following tips:

Pay attention to sites’ terms and security level

While registering on any site, people rarely read security terms. Though these big and boring documents are quite useful and probably every time you should read it (that is not about dating sites only), you can find out whether the site is dangerous or not in a different way. Carefully look at the open information (the one you can learn about other people before registration). If you can know almost everything about your potential girlfriends before you even fill in the registration form – this site isn’t safe. In general, anyone could join this community, starting with frauds who want your money and ending with deviants who want your nude photos. So, be clued-in and do not let your love-hunger make you blind.

Check-up reviews and score

Well, surely you don’t need to believe in everything that’s written on the internet about one or another site. There is such a phenomenon as a paid negative advertisement. But, if nearly everyone says that the site is dreadful, it probably true. More than that, checkup its score on AppleStore or PlayMarket (If there it has an app, of course). These reliable resources will also recommend you the most popular one. That means that there will be more girls you can choose. The app/site rating of the also should be higher than 4,0.

Note users amount

One of the most obvious markers of the reliable site is a big amount of followers. More girls more choice. More than that if the registration process is long-only motivated will come to the end. And that is already a big amount of motivated girls! Exactly what you are looking for.

Find the best site type

The amount of dating sites is growing day by day. Nowadays there are more than 2000 dating sites in the world. And all of them have something in common. The filling form and prices for paid bonuses are quite the same. However, every site tries to make its mechanism of finding the partner unique. Some platforms use automatic fitting, some process the information is given in a special personality survey other sites use extend filters. Don’t forget that lots of sites have paid functions. Which gives you an advantage if you’ve already been motivated to find your love!

Decide on your goal

As not all people are looking for a long-term relationship, not all sites will probably suit you. Some people are looking for one night adventure, some are simply longing for pen pal friends. That’s why you need to make it clear in your profile what’s your goal. And don’t forget about it, while looking for a site.

Haitian Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

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Dress to the nines

Casual wear is acceptable in most places during the day, but completely improper during formal evening events. Summer clothes, which includes topics and shorts here, is unacceptable outside beaches. To visit almost all hotels and restaurants you will need a light suit (during daytime) or a strict evening gown for ladies and formal costumes for gentlemen (after sunset). Unless you won’t be allowed into many institutions without a more or less strict suit. So when you go on a trip to your sweetheart, do not forget to grab a couple of decent suits.

Don’t talk about poverty

Of all the joys here are community service, music, and various games. Most of all they like football (even girls). And at the same time, the hard life and poverty of the majority of local residents isn’t something striking. Haitians themselves rarely turn it into a fetish, sincerely hoping for better times. Perhaps a famous Haitian sense of humor helps them to cope with adversity. However, since you are a foreigner, it is not worth joking at the poverty of Haitian girls. It will be extremely offensive.

Social life is vital

Haitian female is extremely sociable. They love to be around people, participate in various street festivals and parties. They love to dance and organize street concerts. They found loud chats with their friends. Not so long ago, they even lived in large groups uniting several buildings in which members of the same family or clan dwelled. For the most part, members of these groups worked together and supported each other in everyday life. So you cannot forbid or somehow prevent communication Haitian wife with her friends, as they are very hospitable and companionable.

Children are necessary for marriage

You’d better decide at once whether you want to have children with your Haitian girlfriend r not. They love children and consider them to God’s gift. They will sacrifice anything for them, even their own life.

Pay attention to language issues

Most mulattoes speak French, which is the language of higher education and great job opportunities, while the vast majority of Haitians speak Creole only. This two-tier social system is perhaps the biggest barrier to social development. Unfortunately, such a situation is still supported by all political groups in the country.

Listen to Universe

As you probably know Voodoo was born here. These girls are all if not witches still superstitious. Well, witches in a good sense of course. The just have developed intuition. Don’t try to fool them or to cheat on them. They will find out and that time their magic will work against you!


As you’ve probably understood from this article Haitian women were born for marriage and children. Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate. Register on the reliable dating site, choose one of the thousands of foxy maidens and dive into a live volcano. Don’t forget about your safety! In all senses.