Gaystryst Dating Service Review is a dating service for gays. Here one can find a soulmate from countries all over the world. The first thing you pay attention to when using Gaystryst is that the website is very user-friendly and well-designed. It is easy to find matches, communicate, and set up your account here.


  • Well-designed
  • Smooth performance
  • Five free chats when you sign up to try the service
  • Low prices
  • Helpful support


  • Service audience is mainly located in 27 countries, not worldwide

How It Works?

It is easy to use Gaystryst even if you have never used the dating site services. After a simple registration process and creating Gaystryst login, you get redirected to the website lobby, where you can see a list of users. From the moment you have created an account, there is opened a live chat widget promptly, so you can ask the support agent any questions you have.

Afterward, you can fill in your profile information and launch a search among 27 countries and start five free chats to try the service out. If you like the service, you can subscribe for a membership package to get unlimited opportunities on using all service functions.

You also can set the account promotion feature. It can be used to let you get in contact with other users, even when you are offline.

Below we have provided a full description of website features and complete guide on getting started on

Sign Up Guide

Site link –

Sign up process is fast and easy. First of all, you need to fill in the form – your age, who you are looking for (a man is the only option here), your email, password, and place you live.



Afterward, you need to activate your account by email. Find the confirmation mail in your inbox – it arrives promptly after you complete the form. Once the profile is confirmed, upload your photos from the gallery or make the picture using your webcam.


Photos you upload are moderated manually. On the screenshot above, you can see which photos are disapproved – here you will find easy and complete tips on what kind of photos are not welcomed. Make sure you upload your best high-quality images. The thing is that for the users that use service for free, it is not possible to watch the full-size photos of other users’ profiles. Thus, it is better to post as the main photo, the one with your face visible only to attract more potential contacts.

After uploading a photo, you can get to fill in your profile info. Here you can set up a status – it has to be a short and smart phrase that will attract other users and show how cool you are. This message can be used to promote your profile and make it more popular to increase the number of contacts. Here you also can provide other information about your personality.


Making Contact

Making contact is also easy here. After you completed your profile, you will get redirected to the page with the catalogue of users. To start making contacts, set up the parameters to find a match.


Set up age, location, and other filters. When it comes to locations, you have several options. You can either set up the country and city you are looking for a match in or allow the website to track your location and find people near you.


When you choose the ‘ALL COUNTRIES’ option, you will see 27 countries on the list. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot find a match in any other country. If your country is not specified in the list, use the ‘LOCATE ME’ button, allow the website to track your location, and you will get a list of users near you.

You also can apply filters by general appearance or find users that have provided videos or photos in profile.


After you have specified the search parameters, you can press the ‘FIND’ button and get the list of users. You can either like a user you have seen or press a button to start chat.


If you like the user, he will see your reaction and may answer. If you start a chat, you can start talking. However, consider that initially, you have only five free chats, afterward you need to purchase a membership to get unlimited chats per day and get access to many other features.

GaysTryst Chat

After you press the ‘CHAT’ button on the profile you liked, you can start a conversation with the user. Conversation can be held via the chat widget.


Or you can have a conversation on the chat page by pressing the corresponding button.


You can use emojis and write text messages. After upgrading your profile, you get access to uploading videos and photos.

Audience & Profiles Quality

Gaystryst dating service providers managed to gather a friendly and responsive audience. It is rather easy to make contact on the website, and you almost always get a response from the person you write to or who you liked. This a good thing. Moreover, due to the strict moderation, all profiles are real, and on the photos, you can see real persons to meet.

Design and Usability

Gaystryst is well-designed and shows smooth performance no matter what you do. During the test of the page, it was noted that all pages and elements load fast, and in general, when you use the site, it is very user-friendly. It is easy to launch a search, to fill in your profile, and to make contacts. Actually, even the beginner can easily use this service and start chatting in 5 minutes after creating an account.


Gaystryst is available for free, and still, it is better to use the paid version and purchase a membership. Use VISA/Mastercard to purchase a membership for a period from one day to three months.


With paid accounts, you will get an opportunity to chat without any limitations, access the full-size photos of other users, use extended search, and get premium support.


The service guarantees there won’t be any data leakage when you use Gaystrist. Hence, there isn’t any information about the leakage of personal or financial data of users from the website since the moment it was founded. Thus, Gaytryst can be claimed to be a safe and reliable service.

What is more, about safety is that here you can specify which accounts can see your profile and text you. You can set the safety mode in the profile settings.


There are three options:

  • Basic – this option is activated by default. It considers that your account can be reached by all users, except those that look suspicious for service.
  • Off – if you choose the Off mode, you will be reached by all the users registered in the service.
  • Full – choosing full option means that only verified users are able to get in contact with you.

Along with that, service has made a Safety dating guide for the users, where you can find tips on making your user-experience on website and when dating with matches secure and reliable.


There is no gay tryst app for the website. Still, that doesn’t mean you cannot use website features using your mobile device. We have tried the website using the Android smartphone, and even with the mobile browsing, it remains the same user-friendly and smooth service for users.

You can even see the promotion from the service that motivates you to use – a mobile version of the website whic can replace Gaystryst app.


Here you can find the most popular answers concerning Gays Tryst features and other issues.

Who Owns

Service is owned by the Together Networks Holdings Limited.

Is GaysTryst Legit?

It is legit in the majority of countries all over the world, and can be used by users of 18 years old and older. If you cannot register an account from your country, use the VPN service or specify that you live in another country on the registration page to proceed.

Is GaysTryst Messaging Free?

You get 5 free chats, when you create an account in the service. Afterward, you need to purchase a membership package to start chatting without any limitations. Apart from the majority of other services, on gays tryst you purchase not the number of contacts, but access to all the website features without any limitations for the specified period.

Can I Use GaysTryst Anonymously?

Yes, you can. Your financial information is not disclosed to the third-parties; it is not necessary to enter your real name and surname.

How Can I Delete GaysTryst Profile?

Gaystryst how to delete account guide is very simple. You can delete your account by pressing the ‘REMOVE MY ACCOUNT’ button in profile settings.

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