Charming Filipino Brides

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In the land that looks more like a landscape from Moana cartoon your bride will come. If you ask her, of course. Let’s find out what is so special about Filipino women. Surely they are children of nature and peace. Although, is their characters are as good and gentle as it is told? Explore Filipino brides right now to find a perfect wife or girlfriend.

Why You Should Date a Filipino girl?

Dating a Filipino girl seriously could one of the most cost-effective decisions. Initially, this country is much cheaper than the USA or any other European country. Moreover, girls here are not that fastidious. Due to the bad economic situation in the country you shouldn’t be a king to marry a Filipino woman. Well, without delving into the financial side of the issue, let’s talk about the girls themselves.

Foreigners find the characteristic qualities of Filipinos very suitable for married life. In turn, the girls are so grateful to their white husbands that they could mix up love and r’s even better. Love can evaporate when respect will stay. It’s an interesting fact that Filipino people respect and gratitude equal loyalty and they are extremely loyal. They are obedient, hardworking and they don’t like arguing. A man who is once had a relationship with an American woman understands that their love won’t be possible without constant fights and, to self-affirmation. “I’m more successful. I’m stronger…” Sounds familiar, right? Well, women of the Philippines don’t have such a habit to prove their superiority. World statistics show that the best nurses and nannies are Filipinos. Additionally they agree to work for a lower salary than others. In other words, as it was already said, they are much more profitable to contain.

It’ll be true to say that the goal of a Filipino girl is to get a foreign man, marry him and move to his place. Despite incredible shyness, Filipino brides at the same time are very friendly and open for dating with male tourists. It is not hard to get acquainted with your future Filipino wife on the street, in a store, in a bar, in a disco, or elsewhere. Well, though it’s easy that doesn’t mean you should do this. A little bit later about precocious. 

Also, legends of numerous tourists reveal that Filipino girls are incredibly good at sex. They don’t ask for diamond, shy, beautiful, and make you 24/7 turned-on. They are ideal, aren’t they?

Filipino Women Traits and Characteristics

Poor education

Filipino brides have a very low educational level, some barely know how to write or read. Chiefly, the majority of them have graduated only from elementary public school, as further education requires big money. They aren’t able to obtain good work in Asia or abroad. They simply haven’t knowledge. That’s why successful marriage will allow them not to strain for food.

Always searching for a man

Family, TV shows, films, mass media – all of them cultivate in little girls that sweet Cinderella dream. Women of the Philippines know that their prince will come. Filipino princes, as a rule, are already busy, and not as rich and attractive as foreign ones. So the only way to solve this problem is a mixed marriage. Filipino brides dream about American husband, even if he would be a little bit older. By “little bit” every girl means their max-age. You even can’t scare them away by 70-year-old gramps!

Relationship in marriage 

Portrait of a typical Filipino wife: girl or young woman no older than 30, good looking, no special education and profession, born in a large family. Sometimes they marry being virgins. There are exceptions, but rarely, because such a bride is much less valued. In the Philippines hybrid marriages are common. Here it means husband, as a rule, behaves himself as lord and his wife becomes a servant. Filipino girls seem to be powerless. However, women will always find how to manipulate men (sex, food, children etc.).

Beauty that rules the world

If you make a research and look at the results of the biggest beauty contests, then the most beautiful girls on the planet statistically are residents of the Philippines. These slim and small beauties come to many men in the most revealing dreams.

Reliable friendship

Filipino women don’t like the European style of conversation and distanced approach to people. They consider it frankly rude and ignorant. They prefer informal and friendlier chat. One of the most peculiar things about Filipino trait is that the love nicknames. That’s the way they like to have fun. Generally nicknames are given due to some physical features such as eye color or haircut. Although often nicknames may seem offended to the American ear, you shouldn’t be offended. These are all aspects of culture and translation.

True emotions

Filipino brides are very emotional. This is manifested in their vivid and exaggerated reaction. Joy and sorrow, hatred, and love all these emotions couldn’t remain unnoticed. This is also reflected in their excessive love of karaoke and big celebrations where several generations take part.

No personal space

There is no such concept as “private property” or personal life for Filipinos and especially Filipino women. It’s normal for people to ask you directly personal questions, such as “What’s your salary?”, “Why do you wear such clothes?” and others more intimate requests. But they do not expect an honest answer, they are just curious. They don’t care about your feelings. These “inappropriate” questions equal western “how’re you?”.

How to Meet Single Filipino ladies?

One ticket to the Philippines, please! Is that how you want to find your love? Well, surely you’re the master of your fate, but in the 21st century romantic travelers aren’t that popular anymore. Why? Because there are lots of frauds who are waiting for light-hearted people. Don’t believe strangers. Especially girls from such resorts. The majority of them are extremely beautiful, kind, and family-oriented, but not all of them. No one will give you a warranty that you’ll meet your love on the street near the supermarket. Well, maybe that is quite a subjective point of view, but to find something valuable you need to work on it a little bit. How about preparation and smart search? Well, if love is a chemical reaction it’s better to take control of it. 

Dating sites are a perfect solution for those who want to find love, especially for those who want to marry a Filipino woman. More than that, there isn’t the only reliable site in the world. There are lots of them. Nearly 3 000 services that are ready to help you with your love adventure. How to find the best one? Read below.      

How to Choose a Reliable Philippines Dating Site?

Unfortunately, some people consider the Philippines a country of prostitutes and all that illegal sex staff. Well, to avoid such an impression about this beautiful country and exciting Filipino girls you need to choose a reliable dating site. Follow some basic tips.

  1. Explore reviews
    The Internet is full of haters. They are ready to abhor any product for no reason, but if there are the majority of dislikes for that product, or dating sit, in this case, you’d better listen up to these reviews. For the ultimate safety its batter to use sites with 4/5 points and higher. Such sites are supposed to be safe and popular.
  2. Read terms
    More than 90% of Internet users skip the “terms and conditions” tab while registering. If you agree without reading forget about your personal information! That’s not personal anymore. Surely, not every site is aimed to steal your data, but every site tells you what is it going to do with the information you’re giving to it. So, take your time and read terms. And do not register on the suspicious dating sites/apps without such registration steps.
  3. Save your data
    Don’t take the “tell about yourself” option literally. Your essential documents’ numbers, address, and even phone number is the kind of information you must not give on the dating site. Tell me about your favorite film, but not your bank.
  4. Make video calls
    Why is that so important? Because under the cover of 25 years old Filipino mail order bride could be 55 years old maniac who will be glad to have your naked photos. It’s all about safety. Why is that so important in the reliable site choosing section? Since it’s better to do video calls on the dating site. Your personal Skype/Facebook account could be full of personal information you wouldn’t like to give to your new friends. And dating site that doesn’t have such a feature seems to be suspicious.
  5. A paid account isn’t always better
    Watch carefully what services are offered in the premium account. It may cast up to 27$ per month without any significant changes. Check up some reviews again. 
  6. Don’t stop
    If you haven’t succeeded on one site, try another! And don’t stop looking for love as it is likely to hide sometimes.

Filipino Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

Sex isn’t in the first place. It is clear that Filipino women have a very specific reputation, but if you are looking for a serious relationship, you shouldn’t be led by stereotypes. There’s no need to offer sex (any it’s kind!) after the first date. Wait till the 3rd/4th date. Let her genuine desire grow.

Be conventionally romantic. First of all, be relaxed. A Filipino girl will love you even without diamond mines. All you need is a heart-to-heart talk, humble bouquet, and tasty dessert. Listen to her attentively, keep yourself a simple man. She will be pleased with something ordinary, though sincere. Local men don’t know how to be romantic. They start with sex.

Bed is place for two. Always remember that your Filipino bride is your girlfriend, equal partner. Like any other girl she wants to be loved. Pay attention to her not only in a restaurant or while dining with her relatives. Don’t forget about her satisfaction during sex as well. Without any doubt, Filipino brides are beyond comparison in love, but that doesn’t mean that they want to play the sex slave part. Remember, happy relationships always start in bedroom.

Her relatives are important. Well, girls in the Philippines have a lot of them. Due to a bad economic situation, they commonly live together. Of course, you can try to walk in these shoes, but an America that is used to a completely different way of life will be depressed in a month. However, moving back home set a goal to keep in touch with your bride’s relatives. During the first dinner you definitely should not be afraid of them, but try not to overreact if they’ll start promoting their daughter. Although it sounds a little wild, such behavior shows the best intentions. They just want happiness for their daughter. Don’t be rough with them.

No spots allowed. Filipino brides love being clean. They will brush their teeth after every meal and take a shower as much as they can. Walking along the streets you’ll probably think the opposite, though they’re real neat freaks. So, you need to look after your clothes, hair, and breath.

Pray with her. Filipino women are mostly Catholic. You need to respect their beliefs as they will respect yours. However, don’t be afraid, they definitely don’t follow all the commandments anymore.  


As you have probably understood Filipino wife will be perfect if you need a quite, meek girl and more than 3 children. Maybe you won’t participate in intellectual debates at home, but you’ll always have fresh and tasty dinner, clean house, neat, and humble as their mom children. You’re to choose, but remember that love has no boundaries.