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Dateinasia is a website on which you can create a profile and browse profiles of other users. Here you will find a common profile search system, standard chatting feature and many other features that have been already realized on other services. The only feature on Date in Asia that can be called unique if to compare with the majority of other services is that it is focused on users from Asia rather that users from other countries of the world. Here is the service list of pros and cons:


  • Proper usability;
  • Stable performance;
  • Proper choice of profiles.


  • No unique features;
  • Limited free messaging.

And below you can see our research on the website main features which is much more detailed than the majority of other Dateinasia reviews.

How it works?

There is a rather simple making contact algorithm on the website. Here you need to start from creating your profile, which should be as attractive as possible to engage more potential matches. Afterward, you can launch a search on the main page, and you will get a list of users that fit your search filters (by geo, age, other parameters).

Then you can start a conversation with one, or you can send likes. The user will see your like and can like your account in response, and that will mean that basically you like each other and can start a conversation.

Sign Up Guide

Site link –

There is a very simple registration on the Dateinasia website. You start by filling the form on the main page.

Dateinasia registration

Then you are redirected to the page, where you need to input your profile info and preferences.

Dateinasia profile info

Catchy headline for your amazing profile – this will be screened to other users that will look through your profile. make sure you write in the smart phrase, this will help you to engage a potential match from the beginning.

Write about yourself here – input to this field the most notable things about you – your interests, who you are, and other information that will be helpful for other users to start a conversation with you.

You want to meet – input your preferences and specify the age of your potential partner.

Dateinasia interes information

And you want to meet for – here you should input the goal of conversation on the website – whether it is about dating, friendship or other.

Dateinasia occupation

Here you should specify your personal details. start from telling others where you work, and proceed with providing other info. These fields are not mandatory, you can leave them free if you want to.

Next thing to do – upload your photo.

Dateinasia upload photo

As you can see there are requirements for the photos in your profile. Consider that moderator won’t accept your photo if it breaks service restrictions. After uploading a photo, registration is over and you can get to messaging and finding your match.

Consider that you can verify your email address to get the opportunity to chat without limits.

Dateinasia verify email

Thus, when you create an account make sure you give a valid address to benefit from your identity verification.

Making Contact

Making contact on the Date In Asia website is easy – all you need is to launch a search based on the parameters you prefer, and afterward find the profile you are interested in. You can start a conversation instantly via the website integrated online chat.

There is also another way to make a contact – to participate in the global chat, where all the users can write anything they want, and everybody can see these messages. Here you can make contact with a girl or man you like easily, and it won’t take many efforts. There are no limitations to this kind of conversation.

Dateinasia member

Dateinasia Chat

There is a simple chat on the Date in Asia website. here you can send smileys and text messages instantly. You can either hold a conversation via private messages or you can also participate in the group chat available for all users.

Audience & Profiles Quality

When it comes to the audience and profiles quality, there is nothing special to say about the website. It cannot be said that the website developers brought much effort to create a powerful database of users in Asia – the choice here is not so high, however, it still worth considering as an option if you are looking for the soulmate in Asian countries.

Dateinasia members

As due to our research here you will find a reasonable quantity of fake accounts, which in the meantime can spoil the customer experience and make you waste some time. However, you also should know that there are real profiles as well.

The audience on the website shows moderate activity and during the several days of our research, we were able to make at least several contacts and have several good chats. It is not recommended to expect much from the audience on the Date in Asia com website.

Design and Usability

The website shows a rather smooth performance. During our tour along with the service, there weren’t noticed any significant bugs that would interfere with your chatting or searching. In the meantime, the service is not so good looking to catch your eye on the details and we did not have any special effect when we were searching for profiles or making chats.

The website is rather well-designed, the chatting feature here is not very engaging, but this is still enough for the regular messaging, so if you want to use a proper and adequate website, you may consider Dateinasia, if you do not have any other better options.


The website provides services completely free – there are no hidden payments you need to make to use this website. Once you create an account on the website, you can use all the features and meet new people. the only limitation is imposed till the moment you have confirmed your account by following the link they send to your email.

If you manage to do that, you will get an opportunity to send an unlimited amount of messages, likes, and others. Unfortunately, there are no options to promote your account on the website, which would be a valuable feature, so you only can count that your account will be on the top of the list, and other users will manage to scroll down for them if it won’t be.


All those who are concerned about the safety issues may consider Dateinasia as an option. We did not have any data about the private data leaks on this website, and still, as we were checking the security measures did not look 100% reliable. Here you will find a standard 3D secure protection when you make card payments to purchase a membership package. You will also see that you can adjust a number of security issues like your profile visibility, which is good but there are already more advanced features enforced on other dating websites.
Anyway, safety here is recognized to be reasonable, and there is nothing special to say about it, especially for the advanced dating websites user.


If you are not fond of using the website via the browser, you can download a PC app on your desktop to have single-click access to the website. It is a lightweight soft that can be launched from the desktop and easily used to have conversations with users on the website.
There is no mobile app though, so if you have an Android or iOS device, you still have to use the mobile-optimized version of the website, which can be not handy. Still, the mobile version works, and you can consider this as an option.


In this section, we have collected the most frequently asked questions about the service and answered them as detailed as possible. Please forth below to see the answers on the most important question at the end of our Date in Asia review.

Who owns Dateinasia?

This information is not disclosed on the website.

Is Dateinasia Legit?

Yes, it is completely legit, and in the majority of the countries on the world, you can create an account on this website if you are more than 18 years old. In the meantime, there is a list of countries from which you cannot create an account here.

Is Dateinasia messaging free?

Yes, you can message for free on Dateinasia without any limits if you manage to confirm your email address. otherwise, there will be a limitation imposed – 5 conversations and 5 likes per day.

Can I use Dateinasia anonymously?

Yes, you can. However, the more verification and clarification you will impose on your profile, the higher are the chances for you to succeed, as the majority of users prefer to chat not anonymously.

How can I delete Dateinasia profile?

You can write to the support with the request of deleting your account by filling the form They usually answer in several days.

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