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Why You Should Date a Cuban girl?

Hola senores! Liberty Island is full of beautiful and exciting things – music, street performances, food, dances, cigars with rum. But what about women? Of, course, Cuba is not only an island of liberty but also an island of love and an astonishing woman’s beauty. Even if you are looking for Cuban girls online you will feel that sweet but at the same time wild temper.So, there are some reasons for choosing women of Cuba among others.


Cuban exceptional beauty

Well, saying that Cuban girls are pretty equals saying nothing. They are absolutely unique. Being as skinny as a twig or eye-candy curvy beauties, light-skinned or women with dark skin they drive men crazy. Moreover, they do not care much about western body parameters and won’t shout that they need vegan milk only or fat-free dessert. You will know about their passion and tastes differently.

Island of crackers

A little bit more about appearance. Lord knows they deserve it! Cuban women do not know much about modern fashion. Lately, it became too modest and over-sized. Girls of Cuba though, love everything saucy in order to provoke and make men fall in love. That’s may seem too much especially when you’ve already tuned in a serious relationship and she doesn’t stop wearing shirt skirts along with high heels. However, the best decision would be to relax and savor. Even if your Cuban girl looks too foxy she will be prick-tease for anyone except you! They are too loyal.

Family on the 1st place

For European as well as American women today’s career is in the first place. They have lots of opportunities to develop their business. They do it brilliantly, but sometimes they forget about main things like love, family, and children. The majority of western girls believe that children before the late 30s are something extremely wrong. Unlike Cuban women. They love everything about family. It’s hard to find a family with only one child! More than that, they love their relatives, big family feasts and everything about loud parties with dozens of close friends.

Happiness is a national idea

As I said earlier big loud parties are definitely about Cuba. Haven’t you seen Cuban dances yet? That’s a lapse! Just look at the moves! No man on the planet Earth wouldn’t like to join. Cuban girls smile all the time. They know the value of life, they love life and having fun.  

Reasons mentioned above exhaustively confirm the reason to date Cuban woman and even maybe to find a Cuban wife. Who knows, perhaps you’ll find your happiness with a girl from the hottest island. Read on and find out everything you need to know about dating Cuban princess.

Cuban Women Traits and Characteristics


In Cuba, women’s life doesn’t revolve around glossy magazines, Instagram, hair removal strips, sculpturing or innovative wrinkle creams. Thus, Cuban women live, date, get pleasure from sex, doll up in tight, and confidently meet old age, without changing the red manicure and hairdressing on their heads – and, unlike western girls, don’t suspect how imperfect they are.

Colorful nation

You probably will be confused with the number of skin tones Cuban women have. They would name different terms, however, you will notice only light and dark. Well, that isn’t quite right. There are more than 8 different tones in Cuba. All of them will take your breath away, so beautiful they are. Take note that light-skinned girls name themselves “adelantao” and beauties with dark skin are known as “prieta”. But mostly you will meet “mulato” with dark brown eyes looking inside your soul.

Natural beauty as a lifestyle

Women in Cuba don’t overuse make up for sure. The standard set is eyeliner and lipstick. Rarely girls use mascara because it melts in the hot sun. For really big and important occasions Cuban women will use shadows. Only in sinful and shamelessness places such as “Casa de la musica” better known as discos, women allow themselves false eyelashes and sparkles on the face and neck. Probably such natural beauty trend is more a necessary measure. Cuban girls just could not find any cosmetics except local production which doesn’t spoil them with many choices. So, probably the best present would be some decorative cosmetics. But you should definitely ask first. Women don’t like awkward surprises.

Inherent body positive

Cuban women’s body always considered to be foxy, though being absolutely out of modern standards. Yeah, that’s their style, because Cuban girls aren’t snacks, they are the whole damn meal! More than that, they believe that no matter on their shapes they will find love. Fitness isn’t the most popular hobby in Cuba. Sometimes women can buy a gym membership, but they will come here twice and only for sit-ups. Probably you’ve already noticed.

Unique style

Each Cuban girl understands, that no matter what physique was awarded to you and no matter how polished it is by your love of “churros”, it must be tightly and sexually wrapped. Therefore, girls from 4 to 90 years old wear skinnies and tube tops. In general, each item of clothing in the wardrobe of a Cuban woman has one purpose – to draw male’s attention. They believe that short, bright, lace, tight-fitting things, semi-, and even completely see-through textiles everything real man is longing for.

Cubans love to dress up in the spirit of “I’ll put on my best clothes and fugazi at once”. They like hanging themselves with several necklaces, earrings, rings, with a scarf on top and attach a flower to hair, or better two. Accessories include press-on nails with rhinestones. Nevertheless, that doesn’t look grossly at all! All of these kinds of stuff complement each other and everything you can see is a beautiful, hot Cuban woman. You can’t help but fall in love.

With flirt in the blood

Cubes know how to flirt. Both young lasses and older women know how to glance at men with the aim of showing concern. Well, they will always let you know whether it would be a booty call or a serious relationship. To win a Cuban woman’s heart you also need to sweat a little bit. Despite skimpy outfits, women of Cuba are serious in terms of marriage and normally introduce their “novio” (boyfriend) within several weeks after acquaintance.

Love like rumba

Indeed storm of emotions will wait for you if you not only while dancing traditional Cuban rumba but also after marrying a Cuban girl. They can shout, quarrel, be cranky and wild. More than that, Cuban women are very jealous. They can nearly kill their rival, but at night you will forget your name so good they are!

How to Meet Single Cuban ladies?


Well, that’s could be tricky as the travel policy was changed. However, there is nothing impossible for two loving hearts. First things first before dancing the rumba with your Cuban bride you need to find her! That’s why I don’t dillydally! Register on the Cuban dating site. A little bit later about how to find a reliable one. So, do not hurry to come to Cuba immediately after you’ve found out your passion’s name. Take your time and learn more about your girl. To start with you’re probably too busy to chase the first skirt. Secondly, there are many options for Cuban brides and there is a possibility to explore. So, why would you fixate on one girl?

You were lucky enough to find the One. But here comes another snag – how to get to the Liberty Island? The travel policy is constantly changing. But you’ll have more chances to meet your Cuban mail order bride if you’ll pick “Support for Cuban people” category out of 11 categories of legal Cuban vocation. For more detailed information about travel to Cuba consult the

How to Choose a Reliable Cuban Dating Site?


Cyber-security is the word of the 21st century! Even talking about dating sites that seem to be a trifle, you need to remember that there are lots of frauds. One more reason is the well-being of western men. Incomparable to Cuban guys. That’s why Cuban brides or anyone who hides behind hot photos can cash in on this. Be extremely attentive and follow the rules given below.

1. Google recommendations shouldn’t be neglected. Don’t use suspicious apps or sites that were offered to you on some other doubting.

2. If you have relatives or friends in Cuba – that’s perfect. First of all, they can give you some advice about sites you could trust. More than that they will help you to meet single Cuban women.

3. Remember that the majority of dating sites have paid subscriptions. The free trial version could be offered to you, but after its ending, you may not notice that you pay more than 10$ monthly. So read the terms carefully.

4. On the other side, too cheap price for the monthly subscription may be the sign of the fraud site.

5. Reliable Cuban mail order brides’ sites normally have some additional features to make your online-dating convenient. These options may include a built-in translator and video call.

Generally, online-dating will take some time especially if you won’t have an exotic Cuban bride. Though it was really worth it, you should always remember about your safety in all senses! 

Cuban Woman Dating: Rules & Basic Tips

Interesting profile

Do not start the conversation with “What’s up?”. Moreover, it is quite obvious that you should make your future Cuban bride interested. Post natural but at the same time beautiful photos, Tell about yourself, ask about her life and generally be friendly without sudden intimate photos in the third massage!

Serious intentions

Well, that depends, but mostly Cuban girls are family-oriented. So if you want a one-night adventure or some online-flirt put your cards on the table at once!

Parents are sacred

Be ready that a Cuban woman will be glad to introduce you to her parents. That’s their way of life – family and parents are the most important. So, you probably need to think twice or at least get ready for several noisy relatives.  

Her foxy gowns are only for you

As it was mentioned earlier Cuban girls like everything sexy and they won’t stop even with the serious old-fashioned man. For Cuban women being sexy and bright equals being beautiful. So unlike western girls who may stop wear full feathers after a year of relationship Cubans won’t do that, probably until you ask them. That’s actually one more distinctive feature – Cuban women are more flexible despite the first impression.

Politics is a taboo

Everyone wants to ask Cubans about their attitude towards Castros and revolution. Well, read about that some books or go to a museum, but do not bring up it on the first date! It’s stupid, because politics is even more intimate sometimes than sex! Especially in Cuba, particularly anything regarding Castro. Some people idealize this family and some hate, so be attentive and tolerant.

Your success equals her desire

Now whilst this statement may sound rude it didn’t mean to be sexist or abusive. Just simple logic. If your Cuban girl wants to build a family (considering you want it too) she needs to be certain that her future with you will be bright, happy and well-to-do. So, an interesting profile is nothing if you’re lazy and small-scale. No one said that you should be a milliner. But being a reliable, strong, hardworking and ambitious young man you have not fewer chances.  


So, having studied all the information, weighed all the pros and cons, you should decide whether you want a Cuban bride for yourself. If the answer is positive, don’t waste your time. Find a reliable dating site urgently, register and plunge into the slightly drunk from rum, passionate, eternal summer.