Adam4Adam Review

If in past centuries a man was obscene to take the first steps towards a guy, and only dreamed of approaching a handsome guy, then the modern world presents a completely different picture. Nowadays it is available to meet an a4a gay man for a serious or free relationship. The site provides this opportunity to anyone who wants to find love.


  • A wide profile of dating among gays;
  • Mobile version;
  • Fast and free registration.


  • Very limited free functionality.

How it works?

However, not every guy can shamelessly get to know the guy he likes in reality. Another thing is dating online on the site! Then you will not begin to blush, get nervous, change legs from foot to foot. But remember that you will not see the guy’s reaction to you. If this does not matter to you, feel free to start dating online on adam4adam mobile app.

There are many mobile dating sites and apps. Most of them are non-specialized services on which heterosexuals and representatives of sexual minorities can meet. But this is a special application for homosexuals, lovers of BDSM, and even group sex. First of all, the site and application were developed for gays. is very similar to the world-famous Tinder universal dating app. The principles of their work are the same: they show people who want to meet and who are nearby. On the main screen, there is a gallery of user photos – with each of them you can start private communication or learn more about it by looking at the profile.

Sign Up Guide

Site link –

One way is to adam4adam login in through social networks. This method takes much less time, but it is worth noting that if you do not want MayLav to get access to all the data and photos of your account on a social network, then it is better to prefer the usual method.

Adam4Adam Main Page

One of the main points of registration is adding photos. Here you have to work hard and choose your best photo. After all, it will be the “face” of your Adam4Adam profile and attract the attention of men. Do you remember that a man loves by his eyes? In order to attract attention, your photo should reflect all your advantages and hide minor flaws. Do not put an adam 4 adam photo on which you look too frankly. This will cause unnecessary questions and opinions.

Making Contact

First of all, you need to determine which type you like best and what you will talk about with the newcomer.  The guys ceased to be afraid of judgmental glances and whispers in their direction. The Adam4Adam site has a fairly wide profile of directions in the field of dating for gays, therefore, we recommend that you indicate your goal in order to weed out communication that is not interesting to you with people who pursue other goals on the site.

Adam4Adam Profile

Using the filter system, you can fine-tune the search conditions of the desired partner, and the search parameters help to do this in one click. In order to make it more convenient for people to get to know each other, Adam4Adam, like other similar services, shows how far away the person who is interested in him is from the user. This feature, however, is not available everywhere.

Adam4Adam Chat

Many guys can immediately send their photos in a negligee, and after an approving remark, they threw a picture of manhood. Then begins the discussion and preferences in sex – most of the guys turned out to be liabilities in search of an asset. There were several sadomasochists and even a lover of golden rain. Most conversations come down very quickly to an invitation to meet. Someone can meet in one city after training in the gym, many call to their home.

Adam4Adam Chat

By the way, in such an Adam4Adam site, there are a lot of virtuals. Many have fantasies, but they are afraid to realize them, especially if it is something more or less extreme, such as BDSM. In addition, many remain in the virtual world involuntarily – go to work, and from work – go home to sleep. They would like to talk in reality, but they no longer have the strength. The interlocutor waits, waits, and then sends you to hell. On heterosexual dating sites, few people start a conversation by sending photos of genitals. Here it was in 50 percent of cases.

Audience & Profiles Quality

On the Adam4Adam site, there really is a category of people engaged in the search for one-time contacts. In the case of heterosexual relationships, such behavior, however, is considered more indecent, but here everything is simpler – people are all the same gender.

Some users indicate that they are not looking for a long-term relationship, despite the fact that the profile says that we are looking for a permanent partner. But people who are looking for a long-term relationship can safely use the Adam4Adam site for this. Many gays can immediately move on to questions about sex: attitudes, feelings, willingly talk about their preferences, which was not on heterosexual dating sites.

Adam4Adam Filters

When they offer to come right now, maybe for money, women more perceive this as an insult: a whore, a prostitute… But here everything is simpler – those who are looking for a one-time relationship understand everything right away.

Is it possible to say that the stereotypes of a romantic heterosexual date (flowers, cafes, compliments) are not popular among users of such applications and generally in the community? If love arises, then for gays everything is the same as for heterosexuals. But all of the above is really less. These traditions simply did not have time to gain a foothold, because the environment was marginalized and stigmatized for many years.

Design and Usability

Today it is one of the most popular dating sites among gays. Everything is simple, fast, and functional here. The free version of the program allows you to post in the profile gallery open photos and as many hidden images and does not have a limit on the number of available profiles, they can be viewed indefinitely. Profiles are ranked according to the distance of users that is indicated. The program sends notifications of new messages. The paid premium version gives you the freedom from advertising, expands the gallery, and allows you to see who visited your page. Of course, the most important advantage of this resource is that it is crowded.


Adam4Adam is the gay app with the most free features! But you can also purchase a premium subscription that provides flexible subscription options to meet your needs, starting at $ 6.67 per month! Premium will save you the hassle of signing up for a low monthly rate.

Adam4Adam Price

Invoices will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period and determine the cost of updating. Cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during the active subscription period. You must be at least 18 years old to use this application.


Installing the phone version is not a problem even for an inexperienced user of Android or iOS. The Hornet app is downloaded from the PlayMarket or AppStore, respectively. You will not have to pay for the installation, as well as for using the service – although the dating site has paid features.

Adam4Adam App

The application on Android and iPhone Adam4Adam makes it easy and simple to communicate with each other to gays, bisexuals, and just people who are interested. Find great guys to keep in touch within this free gay app that goes beyond dating only! The site makes it easy for users to communicate with other people who have similar interests and want to date, make friends, or just want to meet someone in a new city.

Users can create interactive profiles, read news and notes that affect the gay community, and use a gay city guide to help each other find great places and cool parties nearby, including while traveling.


H3 Who owns Adam4Adam?

Adam4Adam was founded by gays to create the most active online community, and unlike other applications, most of the functions in it are free, for example, viewing thousands of profiles.

Is Adam4Adam Legit?

You can check how easy it is to get acquainted with gays using the site. The site is safe and helps you find love or a free relationship. The main advantages of the service include a huge number of opportunities for dating provided immediately after registration. The user can search for guys with whom he has common interests and subscribe to their updates. It is possible to join communities to communicate with like-minded people.

Is Adam4Adam messaging free?

Communication on the site and in the application is free. Subscribing, the cost of which starts at $ 10 per month, provides the user with several advantages. For example, viewing a list of other users who visited his page. The number of options for choosing friends is increasing, as well as the limit for uploading photos.

Can I use Adam4Adam anonymously?

To anonymously use the site, you can not fill out a profile.

How can I delete the Adam4Adam profile?

Deleting a profile from the Adam4Adam  site is carried out in the profile settings.

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