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Ultimate Guide to Online Dating Sites

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What are online dating sites and how do they work?

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Online dating sites are among the most progressive ways to get acquainted with people. Whether person is too shy or too busy, there is no better solution then to take chances on one of dating sites. This solution has arrived and get an extremely popularity within last 10 years. And it is not surprising. Pace of modern life became so nippy recently, that people probably have no time to just come up on the street and basically say “Hi”. Everything is “takeaway” today. And that’s real style of 21st century! You can drink coffee, pay bills and read news before work, then why can’t you flirt and make new friends at the same time? No boundaries with dating sites anymore. All countries, cities, nationalities and religions are open for love and dating. The only thing you need to know is how these dating websites work. The mechanism is as easy as a pie.

1. Make a profile

There is no need to tell that your profile should be pretty, photos current and information truthful. Well, everything is up to user, of course. But that’s the best way not to make up a mess in multiple profiles on several date sites.

2. More questions

Answer some questions before you start. This is not an ordinary curiosity, though special quiz that allows dating website mechanisms find you partner.

3. Enjoy

And there is anything to add. Go into the following article thoroughly and you will know everything you need about how to date online.

Are online dating sites right for me?

Checkup main peculiarities of dating sites to find out!

1. Paid dating websites aren’t better than free ones

Surely, all that glitters isn’t gold, and frequently in the Internet you can satisfy your needs absolutely for free. Situation on online dating market is the same. According to many experts, there is a point of view that free sites’ users are little bit happier. Well, it depends and statistics is believed to be meaningful thing. However, it is worth to mention that paid websites are used by highly motivated people. That happens because of simple human nature. What ever sum of money you pay, you will demand quality. So, if there is no soul mate around at that moment, looking over the site little bit later!

2. More sites – more choice

In order to find something you need to look through many variants. In case of dating websites, there is no need even to stand up from your couch, though you need to install several apps or register on two or three sites. And than simply chat and chat and chat… No matter what your goal is, this activity takes lots of time.

3. Boredom and droop

The reason of such reaction isn’t lack of motivation, of course. It could happen because of emotions that could overwhelm you. While shopping (no offends, this process is the best comparing for choosing partner on dating sites) you are simply look through variants and forget about unsuitable ones. Online rendezvous is little bit different thing. You’re to talk with each candidate, learn some new information about every new friend and decide whether he/she is fair. Takes lots of time and effort.

4. People lie online more

This is not a warning, though a general truth. Frequently, people lie about their age or personal information or some times they lie about their life (if there is too much vivid experience in the first ten minutes of conversation, don’t get your hopes up quickly – this person is a liar ). More than that, some frauds use stock photos instead of real. Well, offline people could be not that better.

5. More one night stands then real love

Despite the fact, that online is no more a synonym of insecurity, some people still do not believe in online dating sites as place where you can meet your life partner. That’s why there are a lot of hook up offers. That’s may seem funny, but about 30% of all conversations begin with some kind of private photos. Just be ready for that!

Types of Dating Sites

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Today there are over 1500 appliccations and dating websites. And all of them provide different opportunities for their users. Though, there is no generally accepted classification, there are some criteria by which they could be divided.

  • Procedure: How to date online mechanism varies from site to site. The possible variants are mutual likes (match is possible if both people liked each other), auto matching based on personality questionnaire, partner’s suggestions based on criteria like height, weight, etc.
  • Registering goal: There are sights that were created especially for serious relationship seekers (Elite Singles, Singles50, Be2, Christian Connection ) and dating sites for men and women who wants some romantic short-term connection (Tinder,, POF, FSO).
  • Cost: Nowadays nearly every online date site has paid upgrade, however such sites as Tinder, Elite Singles, Bumble have lots of free services.
  • Age: Mostly sites are closed for people under 18, but Tinder is available for 13+. Yet they’re allowed to choose only peers.

How to Choose the Best Online Dating Sites?

Choosing suitable dating site is totally trouble-free. Answer some essential questions before you start:

1. What kind of relationship are you interested in?

More than 40% of dating sites users just want to have fun, kill time or hook up. So, Tinder is the best variant for flirt and overnight relationships. Christian Connection, for example, is a full antipode. This place is for people that are seeking love and marriage. is a destination of hookup hunters.

2. Are you ready to pay?

Majority of dating sites give free access, but later comes upgrade. Its price may vary from 7$ to 90$ per month. One of the most expensive is Singles50. Here single people after 50 could find real relationship. This will cost about 89$/month, though the serious register test is promised to find your ideal match.

3. Do you want to go mainstream or try niche website?

The more the better, right? Well, it’s up to you. On mainstream sites such as OkCupid,, PlentyOfFish you’ll find more variants, but such portals as JDate (specially for Jews), Lawyerflirts or FarmersOnly will help you to find your ally quickly.

4. Do you want a scientific approach?

Some dating sites like Tinder and Bumble are extremely easy to use. You just register and look through variants until it comes to match (on Bumble women make first move). Other sites are believed to be more serious as they use various algorithms to find a partner. For more deep approach, use FSO or Be2. If you have lots of free time or at least 30 minutes to fill in registration form try Elite Singles. Though it takes forever comparing to other sites such technique works.

Advantages of Online Dating

Ultimate comfort

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Dating sites are available 24/7. On the work, in the subway, at home and millions of other variantswhere you can have a date online. More than that, it is money saving  free time experience. Just imsgine, how much all of these dates will cost in real life before you’ll break off with person? It is also extremely useful option for busy people. No need in taxi, new dress and 500$ dinner with person who you simply don’t know at all! Well, there is always a risk that even after 3 weeks of texting he/she appear to be absolutely different person, but this risky gamble little bit less risky.

Wide choice

The majority sites give an option to look through variants before even writing them a message. So, that is only you who decide to go into or not.

No boundaries

You can write anyone, being in real life too shy. And there would be no problems to run away from unbearable date. Yeah, that could seem as disadvantage, especially for those who had been left. But here is a little tip – do not take it too serious!

Shy fish dreamland

If hitting on in real life isn’t your cup of tea, dating website is a solution #1! Online hands are sweating not as often! And after dozens of massages first date will go as smoothly as possible!

Tips for Dating Site Users

As well as “offline” flirting has some etiquette, restrictions and laws, online dating requires some basic skill. Revise tips given below and become a guru.

No too personal information.

If you put facts about your height and tattoos, nothing bad can happen. On the contrary more honest you’ll be about your appearance and character trades, better relationship in the end you’ll get. However, be wise and do not let your passion make your head spin. Such information as security number or credit cards, as well as place of employment could be easily held against you! So be extremely attentive, as not everyone looks for love on online dating sites.

Grammar is a new sexy

It is believed that the first impression is the most important. Well, on dating websites the first impression made up after profile photo valuing is definitely not more important that the second stage – texting. Poor grammar will not bring satisfaction, though will be a constant distract. More than that, emojis should not replace words, sentences and feelings. Yes, someone say that without smiles you may sound rude, however with dozen of them after every phrase you’ll sound just stupid. Ellipses… Along with emojis became a curse of modern texting. Remember,use them when you’re confused for real, do not over “drama queen” the moment. Walls of text also avert. That’s not a novel or an audio book. So, long texts as well as time-consuming audio massages seem to be pushy.

Tell what you want at once

Some people believe that dating sites are something giddy. Well, surely they are and there are even special dating websites that were created to make everything extremely fleeting. But it is still better to tell your potential partner whether it would be eternal love or just a Friday night transient pleasure.

Final thought

So, conclusion is simple. There is nothing bad or shameful in online dating sites. Every person at least once should try this. Basicaly it would be a brand new experience with lots of new and unknown emotions. Morover, do not believe in superstitions. Not all users are frauds and freaks. And always keep in mind that before registration decide on the reason why you want searching for love online.


Who Uses Online Dating Sites?

According to lots of surveys, the majority dating sites users register here aiming to have fun. However, there are a lot of people who believe in possibility to meet a partner. So, whether your age is legible and you are longing for any kind of relationship, you can  take a chance on one of numerous dating sites.

Can I really find a love through an online dating site?

Yes, sure. More than that, you can even predict it! There are two conditions – to set the goal and to choose the appropriate site.  Then you need just to sit and wait when your prince/princess one day will come.

Is It Worth Paying for Dating Sites?

Though, free sites aren’t worse than sites with paid subscription,users on the latter stay more motivated. Moreover, it’s more likely that there will be fewer frauds.

Is Online Dating Sites Safe?

First and foremost security of dating site’s users definitely depends on the user himself. Do not give your new friends/lovers any personal information. Also check up security protocol of the website.

Which dating site is best?

That primarly depends on your aim. There more than 1500 apps in the world. All of them present different group of people. So no matter on your sexual orientation, preferences, religion, origin you will find your love or new friend. The most popular online dating sites are OkCupid,,